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6 Best Games Like Valheim That Are Cozy

Want some cozy alternatives to the survival game, Valheim? Look no further than this list of Games Like Valheim That Are Cozy! 

best games like valheim

Whenever we think of cozy games, we typically think of games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and Dreamlight Valley, we never seemingly branch out of our cozy gaming bubble to discover unconventional games that can be considered ‘cozy’. I know that there is still an argument going around the community as to what classes as a cozy game, however it’s technically a game that evokes a sense of calm and self care- and I feel like many games do that. 

Take Valheim, for example, it’s not the first thing we think of when we think of ‘cozy games’ however, it can certainly be a relaxing game to chill out to after a long day. Released in 2021, it’s a survival sandbox game set in purgatory and drenched in viking culture. 

In Valheim, you create a character and collect resources, such as stone and wood in order to craft weapons and tools in order to survive the harsh elements and dangers that lurk around the world. Yes, admittedly, it can be stressful at times, however, you can simply choose to explore the world at your own pace, and enjoy the calming music, as you put together a little camp- or even a big, elaborate one if you’re feeling up to the challenge. 

However, if this still doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I’ve put together a list of Games Like Valheim That Are Cozy, so you can experience a survival game at your own pace. 

Games Like Valheim That Are Cozy



Best games like valheim list

Kicking off the trend of survival sandbox games with an emphasis on crafting, Minecraft is certainly a game like Valheim, with the added benefit of being loved by many cozy gamers. Obviously Minecraft doesn’t really need much of an explanation, as pretty much everyone and their Grandma’s parrot probably knows what this game is about, however, if you love the crafting aspect in Valheim, then this is an excellent alternative. 

Unlike Valheim, which has a very dark graphical style, Minecraft’s graphics are very stylised, bright and even infamous, making it more lighthearted, and enjoyable for both cozy gamers and kids alike. 


games like valheim that are cozy

Palworld- it’s like Pokemon, but with guns! It’s also a game like Valheim that I would consider a little more cozier. It’s like Breath of the Wild meets Pokemon, you explore this vast open world full of adorable creatures that you have to capture and have them help you along your journey. What that is exactly, is up to the player. Do you want to collect all the creatures? Do you want to create a self-sufficient base? Or do you wish to simply explore? All three of these are possible in Palworld. 

Although I’m personally not a fan of giving them man made weapons (I still haven’t given them some to be honest), I do love the aspects of establishing a base, and having them work alongside me, collecting wood, stone and even planting crops. Plus, they provide much needed company throughout your long travels too! 


cozy games like valheim

From the company that brought you Palworld, Craftopia is a cozy game similar to Valheim in many ways. Riding on the popular coat tails of Breath of the Wild, it is admittedly a shameless clone of this Nintendo Switch title, although I enjoyed it for its heavy emphasis of gathering resources and trying to survive its harsh open world. 

Just like Palworld, you can collect materials, such as wood, stone etc, to help craft better weapons, better tools and create a homely establishment, where you can relax when you’re taking time away from exploring. 

The Sims 2: Castaway

games that are similar to valheim

A bit of a cozy retro game, The Sims 2: Castaway is very similar to Valheim, even if the survival aspect isn’t strictly emphasised in this game. Unlike other Sims games, where you would need to create a character and climb the career ladder in the comforts of the SIms Suburbs, Castaway has your sim try and survive on a deserted island. 

Here, your sim will need to try and gather materials, in order to build a shelter, create better tools, make nicer outfits etc, as well as explore the island in order to get off of it. Yes, as mentioned the survival aspect has been stripped back to a point where death is almost impossible however if you’re looking for a game like Valheim that is also cozy, then Sims 2: Castaway is a good alternative. 

Breath of the Wild 

cozy games like valheim

Despite Breath of the Wild not strictly being a survival game, it’s open exploration and trying to survive the harsh elements of different biomes and combat plenty of dangerous foes, certainly reminds me of Valheim in some aspects. 

Whilst you strictly don’t create a base, or need to salvage parts to make tools and weapons, you would still need to forage in order to make food, which is at times required in certain situations, as well as upgrade your armour. A great thing is, unlike other Zelda titles of the past, Breath of the Wild is completely open ended, allowing players to explore the perils of Hyrule at their own pace. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2

adorable games like valheim

If you’re looking for a game like Valheim that is also cozy, then I also recommend giving Dragon Quest Builders 2 a try. It’s a role playing, block building game that fans of both the Dragon Quest series and Minecraft would also love. 

In this adorable game, you explore the open world, trying to gather resources to make a camp, collect food, build weapons and so on. Not only that, but the game also has a co-op option after a few hours of play, allowing you and your friends to establish a colony on the Isle of Awakening together. 


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