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Welcome to

A cozy gaming blog, and a corner of the internet where we discuss cozy retro games and the old school consoles that raised us! 

About the Author

​Although I will typically cover your beloved cozy games, from Animal Crossing to Stardew Valley, and even new releases (when I can afford them), I like to talk about cozy retro games. 

Not a Typical Cozy Gaming Blog!

Not just a cute DS that plays Animal Crossing: Wild World, cozy retro games extend beyond that. There is something just so calming and relaxing about reliving all the old school games and consoles that raised us.


Who else remembers kicking their shoes off after a long day of school, and sitting in their warm room for hours on end on a dark and dim day playing their Playstation One? I’m sure I’m not alone, and it’s that cozy and comfy feel that I hope to invoke in my readers! 


Kawaii Gaming Setup 


Whether it’s a desk decked out with a custom built PC, or even a cozy little nook on the sofa, everyone deserves a spot in their home to relax and play cozy games! 


After trialling different ideas and designs in my head, I finally settled upon a Kawaii Gaming Setup. Boasting plenty of bright pink, and stuffed toys, my current cozy gaming setup is inspired by my love for Japan and the kawaii culture specifically. See, I told you it just wasn’t a phase Dad! 


So if you want to know how to create the perfect Kawaii Gaming Setup, then perhaps sign up to my newsletter for helpful budgeting tips and design ideas!

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