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Best Cozy PS1 Games

Here are some of the Best Cozy PS1 Games that you should add to your cozy retro gaming collection.

cozy ps1 games

Before I start, this article is not to be confused with the Best PS1 Games You NEED to Play that I did several months back, this article is purely dedicated to cozy gamers specifically looking for some cozy PS1 games to add to their cozy retro gaming collection.

Being an avid gamer of the 90’s, it only made sense that I transitioned from playing my parent’s Mega Drive in the comfort of their living room to finally spending hours hooked to my grey Playstation One console, playing many titles that just comforted me.

A great thing about cozy gaming is that it’s not restricted to one genre or time period, allowing you to experience plenty of varied cozy retro games from the past. For more cozy retro games, why not check out the rest of my cozy gaming blog- click here.

Best Cozy PS1 Games


Spyro The Dragon: Gateway to Glimmer

retro cozy games

Also known as Spyro The Dragon: Ripto’s Rage outside of the UK, this game serves as the sequel to the original game that was released a year before. In this colourful platformer you play as Spyro the Dragon as he has to restore the world of Avalor from the chaos it’s been put under by the game’s main antagonist, Ripto.

The game expands on Spyro’s moveset by allowing him to climb and swim, as well as complete many fun, mini games within the many themed levels throughout the game. I would highly suggest snuggling up on the sofa on a cold, rainy day and playing Spyro The Dragon: Gateway to Glimmer as it’s one of the best cozy PS1 games.

Crash Bandicoot: Warped

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Initially released in 1998, Crash Bandicoot: Warped is the third instalment of the mainline series. You play as Crash, and his sister Coco Bandicoot as you travel through time to gather all 25 travels before the main villains can collect them for themselves.

A direct sequel to the second game, Crash Bandicoot: Warped expands on the series' crazy, but highly addictive gameplay, that really tests your platforming skills. It’s yet another cozy PS1 game that every cozy gamer should play at least once.

Rugrats: Studio Tour

where to play rugrats studio tour

Rugrats: Studio Tour is an Action- Adventure game that was released in 1999 for the Playstation one and sees the main cast explore various movie sets in an attempt to find different keys to free Dil (an annoying character), who managed to lock himself behind a security door.

It plays very similarly to Search For Reptar (see below) but set in many different environments and themed mini games, such as a pirate themed level, western themed or even space. If you’re a fan of the franchise in general, then I would highly recommend this game as it is a very underrated cozy PS1 game.

Rugrats Search For Reptar

Best Cozy PS1 Games

The Rugrats: Search For Reptar is a cult classic and another great cozy PS1 game to add to your cozy retro gaming collection. In this cute platformer you control most of the main cast as you desperately try to recover all of Tommy’s missing pieces of his beloved Reptar puzzle.

This cozy PS1 game has many fun and entertaining levels that are taken directly from the show itself, such as Grandpa’s Teeth, Chuckie's Glasses and my personal favourite, Let There Be Light. Not only will this game make you fall in love with the franchise all over again, but it will make you want to cozy up in bed and binge watch the earlier episode.

Theme Park

Best Cozy PS1 Games

Initially released in 1994 for older PC’s and consoles, such as the SNEs and Sega Mega Drive, Theme Park was later ported to the Playstation One and gave us some new features to enjoy, such as letting you roam the park and enjoy the rides in cool cutscenes. Theme Park is catered to cozy gamers who love construction and business management like games, such as, Two Point Hospital or even Let’s Build a Zoo!

Your goal is to basically create a thriving and profitable theme park by researching and constructing fun rides and attractions, as well as managing the running costs. It requires a lot more thought than your standard PS1 platformer, however it’s thought provoking gameplay is very driving, hence why I personally think it’s one of the best cozy ps1 games.

Theme Park World

Best Cozy PS1 Games

If the strict, and complicated business aspects of running a profitable Theme Park scares you, then Theme Park World is a great alternative. Also known as The Sims Theme Park, it’s yet another management simulator which basically sees you create yet more theme parks, but unlike the previous entry, it’s a little more light hearted- not to mention easier to grasp.

The graphics are a little more colourful and fun to look at, which adds to the charm of the game. You are tasked with managing multiple themed parks, which all comes with their goals and budgets, and you’re tasked with ensuring guests enjoy the food, enjoy the entertainment and above all enjoy the rides! Do you agree that this is a great cozy PS1 game?

Kula World

Best Cozy PS1 Games

The game that was made infamous by PS1 demo discs, Kula World is a fairly unique, and rather odd, 3D puzzle platformer as you control an inflatable beach ball through many different levels, collecting keys and items to progress onto the next level.

Its addictive gameplay, trippy music and realistic sound effects lend to its replayability factor cementing it as an unusual yet favourable cozy PS1 game for many cozy gamers. If you’re looking for something that isn’t just your stereotypical 90’s survival horror or cutesy platformer then I highly recommend getting your hands on Kula World if you can! If you want a more in depth review, check out my review here!

Croc 2

Best Cozy PS1 Games

Although I also highly recommend the first game too, I just think Croc 2 just emulates cozy retro gaming perfectly. Released in 1999, this cute platformer sees you take on the title character of Croc as he investigates a message from his assumed message that washed up to shore.

You adventure through themed villagers, playing through entertaining levels and mini games, such as boat racing in a sailor themed village or putting out fires in a caveman themed one. If you’ve played games like Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot, then Croc 2 should certainly be on your cozy retro games wishlist.

Parappa The Rapper

Best Cozy PS1 Games

Kick! Punch! It’s all in the mind! Who doesn’t remember that memorable line in probably one of the most entertaining rhythm games of the 90’s? Playing the Rarappa, you have to rap your way through six challenging levels, not only trying to ensure that you hit the corresponding buttons on time, but also not to get distracted by the catchy beats and lyrics.

Graphically it’s unique, and although the game only consists of six levels (as mentioned), you really probably will be playing it for hours as some songs are more challenging than others. Do you think Parappa The Rapper is a great cozy PS1 game?

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

Best Cozy PS1 Games

A very underrated platformer, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile is loved by many millennial adults who owned a Playstation- and for good reason. Developed and published by Namco, this side-scrolling platformer sees you take control of Klonoa as you navigate this colourful world full of a mixture of 3D rendered graphics.

Unlike the previous entries on the list, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile just oozes some innocent charm, which just takes many back to a childhood, free from complications and drama, hence why it’s one of the best PS1 games.

Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour

Best Cozy PS1 Games

A personal favourite of mine. As my inner child (or adult) has never been to any Disney Park before, I absolutely love this game- it is like experiencing a touch of the magic of classic Disney and merging that with games like Mario Kart. It’s a racing game, set in the Magical Kingdom where you must race to acquire the missing parts to the park’s firework machine.

You kart around many amazing levels inspired by real life DIsney attractions such as Blizzard Beach, Jungle Cruise and Tomorrowland Speedway. For cozy gamers who love Disney, you should perhaps consider playing this laid back kart game.

Bust a Groove

Best Cozy PS1 Games

Bust a Groove is a fairly unique cozy Ps1 game, it’s a rhythm fighting hybrid which revolves around the player hitting the correct sequence or buttons and arrows to the actual beat of the music. It sounds easy, but it’s not your typical rhythm game where the arrows glide across the screen and you can just tap to your heart's content- there is no room for error!

You need to have rhythm and count every beat in order to win the game. It’s certainly a challenging game, however it’s colourful, whacky graphics and catchy tunes will have you hooked. Have you guys played this cozy PS1 title?

The Jungle Book: Groove Party

Best Cozy PS1 Games

Yet another rhythm game on this best cozy PS1 games list, The Jungle Book: Groove Party was released the year 2000. The gameplay is heavily inspired by the Dance Dance Revolution series where the player must press a series of corresponding arrows throughout each beat heavy level.

Known classics from the original 1967 classic are present in this cozy PS1 game, along with many original scores that just fits each character perfectly and feels like it would have suited the film should it have been released back in the day. This game can be played on controllers or even those plastic feeling dance mats- you know the ones that slide across the floor.

Bugs Bunny and Taz: Time Busters

Best Cozy PS1 Games

There were many Looney Tunes games that were released around this time, however I would say that Bugs Bunny and Taz: Time Busters is one of the best cozy PS1 games. Yet another platformer, this game sees the two infamous characters join unlikely forces as they must retrieve the precious time gem that was stolen from Granny’s Time Regulator, resulting in various residents being thrown into the wrong era.

There are many themed fun, entertaining mini games to play across the many themed zones that can be enjoyed either alone, or with a friend. Do you think this game is a good cozy PS1 game?


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