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Cozy Gaming: Retro Cozy Games

Cozy retro games
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Although Cozy Gaming has become this popular gaming trend over the past couple years, it isn't exactly new. Defined as games that take a laid back approach, where high scores and intense battles aren't the key element, cozy games tend to be story driven with unique, and most likely cute graphics. Let's face it, there are a lot of old school and Retro games that can easily fit into the cozy gaming category.


Harvest Moon (N64)

Retro cozy games

For fans of Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon for the Nintendo 64 is a great retro cozy game. In this 1999 classic, you have to restore and maintain an abandoned farm, in which you can grow and sell crops and look after animals. There are a few side quests too like horse racing, participating in many of the town's festivals and events to even falling in love and getting married.

Spyro The Dragon: Gateway to Glimmer (PS1)

Retro Cozy games

Also known as Ripto's Rage, this 1999 sequel just added to an already solid formula. In this game, Spyro accidently gets pulled into a world known as Avalar and reluctantly has to take down Ripto who has taken over and is terrorising the residents on that world. It's a cute platformer that not only sees the player collect gems and the like, but also participate in many of the mini games scattered throughout. For those cozy gamers who like their platformers, this is most certainly a game for you.

Mario Party 4 (GC)

Retro Games that are Cozy

There are many Mario Party games of the past that I could recommend, however I thought the fourth game was so good! Released on the Gamecube, this party game sees characters from the Mario series participate in various style board games and battle it out in many fun mini games to ultimately win. If you have two to three friends, to play this one then you guys will have hours of fun. Every if you don’t, the gameplay itself is so entertaining that you wouldn’t care that you’re alone.

Pokemon Snap (N64)

Although this game can be considered small compared to the New Pokemon Snap, nothing beats that nostalgic feel of the original game. In this rail shooter, you play as Todd, who you may recognise from cameos in the anime, who is summoned by Professor Oak to snap various photos of the original 151 line up. The game will take you across many locations from the beach to even a volcano.

Super Mario 64 (N64)

retro cozy games

How could I not include one of the most iconic 3D platformers of the 90's on this list? Super Mario 64, sees our red plumber return but this time in full 3D to save the princess from Bowser who has imprisoned her and overtaken her castle. In this game, you have to jump through many memorable paintings to travel to levels and complete them to earn power stars.

Animal Crossing (GC)

Retro cozy games
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Released in 2001 for the Gamecube, this is where it all began for western audiences. Despite fancy customisation isn’t really a thing in this game and let’s face it, the interactions with your villagers can be brutal! There is no denying that this game is full of fun and engaging moments, backed by an amazing soundtrack! If you can get your hands on this, play it!

Pokemon Emerald/ Sapphire/Ruby

retro cozy games

As a huge fan of the Pokemon series, it’s hard for me to recommend just one mainline game. I will say however, that Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby is when the series started to get really good in my opinion. Obviously you don’t really need an explanation as to what this game is about! Everyone knows Pokemon. Get an advance and get this today!

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

retro cozy games

There are many older Zelda titles that I could have included on the list, however I personally feel like the Wind Waker is the ultimate Cozy Zelda title due to its cartoonish graphics and addicting gameplay. Even though this game was released in 2003, it's aged very well. Visually, it's still so pleasing to look at and the controls are still responsive and cohesive.

The Sims

retro cozy games

Whether you choose to enjoy the original sims on PC or Console, it's completely up to you. The gameplay may be lacking nowadays however there is no denying that it doesn’t have a lot of charm. If you are playing the PC version, then you will be treated to some amazing expansion packs. Vacation. Hot Date. Makin’ Magic. Unlike The Sims 4, these packs actually have some decent content! Enjoy quirky at its best. Play the original.

Tomodachi Life

Although this technically isn’t a ‘retro game’, I really don’t care as this game is amazing. Tomodachi life is a Big Brother style game, but dressed in a Mii aesthetic. Here you are ‘god’ and create Mii characters to live in an apartment block and interact with them. It’s full of oddball moments. Bizarre encounters and endless hours of fun! It’s a shame Nintendo haven’t released a new, updated version for this.

Pokemon Stadium

retro cozy games

Unlike a traditional Gameboy game, there is no story to the battles in Pokemon Stadium however the battling and training up your Pokemon is still fun and a good challenge! Let’s face it though, the main reason why I’m putting this on here, is the mini games, those things were lit!

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