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What Are Cozy Retro Games?

Is there such a thing as cozy retro games? Today I took a look at retro gaming to see if any games can be considered cozy! Read on to find out more.

cozy retro games

Although ‘cozy gaming’ is a trend that’s grown in popularity these past few years, it’s not an entirely new concept. Defined as relaxing, meditative content that often focuses on building relationships, cozy games can technically be any genre and age- as long as it induces a sense of self care and calm in the player. So by definition a retro game can also be considered ‘cozy’.

Despite the ongoing debate in the cozy gaming community as to what is and what isn’t a ‘cozy game’, I truly believe that it’s up to the player’s discretion as we are all individuals with differing perspectives on what constitutes as cozy.

A retro gamer at heart, I remember feeling safe and calm when I used to play video games in my small box bedroom, whether it was parent’s Sega Mega Drive or my grey PS1, I would just get lost for hours in the many worlds and stories- never wanting to come out. I remember those days fondly.

retro cozy games

So if cozy games have been around for a while, why did it take years, even decades to finally take off and become established?

Good question! I think that over the recent years, there has been more of an acceptance and understanding in the types of games that people wish to consume- publicly and privately. In the past, there was so much toxicity within the gaming community as to what a video game actually was. According to many ignorant, over opinionated gatekeepers, if you weren’t playing Dark Souls, COD or something like that, then you weren’t a ‘real gamer'- apparently.

(‘scuse me while I scoff at ridiculous).

You were harassed and shamed online if you loved playing ‘The Sims’ or ‘Animal Crossing’, which was ridiculous. However, over the recent years, many of us- mainly women, revelled in the idea of creating a safe, cozy gaming space and playing all these ‘casual’ games that we would normally get shamed for. Combined with lockdown, the concept of cozy gaming just took off and became as big as it is today.

What Cozy Retro Games do you suggest?

Considering that Stardew Valley was heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series, I would highly recommend starting off with the original SNES version, which is now easily accessible on Nintendo Switch Online.

Also as many cozy gamers love Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I would highly suggest the original game on Nintendo Gamecube or even Wild World which has received a lot of love recently within the cozy gaming community.

Not to mention any Pokemon titles. Although each game varies graphically, the formula of the main titles haven’t really changed that much. So those who love Sword/ Shield and Violet/ Scarlet, might enjoy branching into different regions and experiencing something new. Also Pokemon Snap for the N64? That game is addictive and calming.

Back in April, I did put out a Cozy Retro Game post where I list off many more recommendations for those interested in older cozy titles, so please check that out if you want a more extensive and varied list.

cozy retro games

The home of cozy retro games!

As a retro gamer who loves cozy gaming, I will carry on being the number one resource on Google cozy retro games- FACT! I know many of my readers have been with me since I started out in the UK retro gaming community almost ten years ago and I still want to show you guys that I haven’t forgotten about you. Plus no one is really tackling this rather niche topic, so I want to be YOUR first choice for cozy retro games!


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