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Best Cozy Games That Aren't Farming

So you’re looking for cozy games but don’t want to be recommended a handful of farming simulators. Here are the Best Cozy Games That Aren't Farming.

best cozy games that aren't farming simulators

Whenever we think about cozy games, we seemingly have a general assumption as to what they may look like. Games like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and Disney Dreamlight Valley usually come to mind, despite cozy games being diverse in genre. Cozy games wear many hats, and can be anything such as platformers, puzzle games and much more!

Although I personally love the laid back nature of a cozy farming game, I completely understand that it’s not for everyone which is why I compiled this list of the Best Cozy Games That Aren’t Farming.

Best Cozy Games That Aren't Farming


cozy games that arent farming

Gris is a platform-adventure game that is the perfect cozy game for those who want something that tests their platforming skills and offers a compelling story. The game follows a blue-haired character, Gris, who is lost in her world and is riddled with grief.

The story is captured perfectly with its unique watercolour art style and beautiful composition that pulls on your heart strings and sends you on an emotional journey as you navigate this stunning cozy game. Would you say that Gris falls under the category of Best Cozy Games That Aren’t Farming?

Assemble With Care

best cozy games that aren't farming

Released in 2019, Assemble With Care is a puzzle game which follows an antique restorer who goes around the town of Bellariva, a fictional town in Spain, helping out its residents by fixing a multitude of different items, such as a camera, a projector and even a Gameboy.

The game is somewhat presented in a storybook format where the main character narrates her day, before you have to fix that chapter’s broken item. Although it’s a very simple concept, it’s executed beautifully, with fun, engaging gameplay accompanying it’s

Lemon Cake

cozy games that aren't farming simulators

Lemon Cake is a cute and casual cozy game, which sees the player restore an abandoned bakery. The game somewhat resembles Diner Dash, where you need to grow the ingredients, serve customers, bake the goods and upkeep the whole bakery.

Although it sounds like a lot to do, the game is pretty laid back- and highly addictive. It’s cute graphics, and casual gameplay allows for hours of relaxing fun, which makes it my personal favourite cozy game that isn’t farming.

A Short Hike

cozy gaming blogs

A Short Hike is an indie adventure game that should be on every cozy gaming wishlist! It’s an open world exploration game which tasks the player with reading the dangerous summit of a mountain to get some cell phone reception.

This cute game is full of cute graphics, upbeat music and plenty of funny interactions with many other creatures of this island. In this game you have to run, climb, fly and much more, to reach the summit, which will see you exploring every aspect of the mountain and its peaks.

Donut County

cozy games that aren't stardew valley

If you’re looking for the best cozy game that isn’t farming, then I highly suggest adding Donut County to your list. This quirky, casual, cozy game sees you playing as a sink hole that is tasked with consuming everything on the level with the occasional puzzle to solve.

Although the game might sound meaningless, it actually revolves around a funny story that happens to be just one big misunderstanding. Donut County is a short game, but it's highly addictive and highly entertaining that you’ll probably play through it more than once! Believe me! Read my review on Donut County here!

Coffee Talk

cozy games on xbox game pass

Coffee Talk is yet another perfect cozy game that isn’t a farming simulator. Set in an alternate Seattle where fantasy meets modernisation, you own and single handedly run a late night coffee shop. It is here that you serve various hot drinks nightly and listen to the many stories and problems that your patrons share with you.

Combined with relaxing lofi beats and chilled out gameplay, Coffee Talk is perfect for snuggling up on the sofa on a rainy day, accompanied by a hot drink. You can view my review here! Coffee Talk is certainly one of the Best Cozy Games That Aren’t Farming.


non farming cozy games

You wouldn’t think that a game revolving around unpacking items would be so calming and relaxing, but this game begs to differ. Dubbed a zen puzzle game, Unpacking sees the player pulling out possessions from boxes and fitting them into a new environment.

The game follows a female character, and you help her unpack her life during different stages, such as childhood, her first apartment with friends, as she experiences life changing events such as ill health, break ups and eventual motherhood. It’s very laid back and chill, which allows for the player to come back and play whenever they want. Read my review on Unpacking (game) here!

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

cozy games that isn't farming

If you were a fan of games like Cooking Mama and Cake Mania, then Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a great cozy game to sink your teeth into. In this quirky simulation game, you own a newly opened pizza restaurant in a town that’s seemingly obsessed with your pizza, and you’re tasked with creating numerous types of pizza for the town’s residents.

Although the gameplay is repetitive in nature, the funny interactions that you have with your customers combined with making the perfect pizza is so addicting that you won’t be able to put it down. The only downside is that it really makes you want a pizza. Read my review on Good Pizza, Great PIzza here!

Powerwash Simulator

relaxing cozy games that aren't farming

Sometimes gaming doesn’t have to be about getting involved in boss battles or saving a princess in a castle, sometimes video games can revolve around seemingly boring tasks- such as deep cleaning. Take Powerwash SImulator, it’s a simulation game which has the player cleaning down various locations with a jet wash.

Sounds tedious. Boring, but I can assure you that it’s highly addictive and you will be hooked to getting your job done. Powerwash Simulator, although doesn’t look like your typical cute, cozy game, has very relaxing gameplay which I would say is relaxing but highly rewarding. Not only that, but there are plenty of additional free and pay-to-pay DLC themed around other video games and IP’s such as Spongebob and Tomb Raider.

Two Point Campus

cozy games that aren't just farming

Two Point Campus is the long awaited sequel to the highly successful Two Point Hospital. It’s a business simulator which revolves around the player creating a profitable school environment for students to thrive and succeed.

Unlike a lot of the other cozy games listed on this list, Two Point Campus does require the player to be a little bit more proactive, so if you’re looking for a cozy game that has plenty of mental substance, then I would highly suggest Two Point Campus. Would you say Two Point Campus falls under the Best Cozy Games That Aren’t Farming Category?


games that are cozy but don't include farming

Townscaper is a quaint, indie building simulator where the player is tasked with building and implementing island towns with its simplistic and easy to grasp gameplay mechanics.

As there is no inherent object or story to see through, the player is completely left to their own devices as they create the perfect townscape. It’s the perfect cozy game to settle on the sofa with after a long, mentally taxing day. If you’re still not convinced that this game is for you, you can always try it for ‘free’ if you have Xbox Game Pass.


cozy games that aren't farming

Released in June 2023, Dordogne is an adventure game which immerses the player in its unique narrative experience. You control a character called Mimi, who goes to Dordogne following the death of her Grandmother, and it is here where the adventure begins.

You are taken back to the early 2000’s where you get to play through Mimi’s childhood memories that she shared with her paternal Grandmother, solving puzzles, going on adventures and soaking up the intense story of her past. If you’re looking for a more hands-off adventure that still has substance, then I highly recommend Dordogne. A great thing is that this cozy game is currently on Xbox Game Pass too!


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