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The Best Cozy Nintendo Switch Games

Here are some of The Best Cozy Nintendo Switch Games you need to play if you're new to cozy gaming!

the best cozy nintendo switch games

There is no denying that the Nintendo Switch is almost like the poster child for cozy gaming. Whenever we browse cozy gaming on Tiktok, YT or even Instagram, you will see plenty of accounts showcasing their decked out consoles. 

It’s clear to see why it’s so beloved amongst cozy gamers too! Instead of a traditional console or PC that requires you to sit at a certain spot and play your games, the Nintendo Switch is portable, allowing the player to enjoy their cozy games from whatever room they would like. 

The best thing is, there are plenty of exclusive  cozy Nintendo Switch games to enjoy. After going through them all, I decided to pull together a list of the Best Cozy Nintendo Switch Games that you should check out if you’re new to cozy gaming, or if you’ve just got your first switch. 

I’ve also tried to limit games that you can get on other consoles too, (although it wasn’t entirely possible), so games like Unpacking, and Stardew Valley haven’t been included, however they are certainly up there on my list too!

The Best Cozy Nintendo Switch Games 


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

the best cozy games on the nintendo swtich 2024

In my personal opinion, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is probably one of the best and cutest cozy Nintendo Switch Games, making it a must have on your wishlist! 

In this cozy, relaxing simulation game, your main objective, (should you choose to accept it), is to uplift a deserted island that you were sold. The best part is, you can design it however you like, even dictating where the river goes- if you even want one that is! One of the best parts about New Horizons, which sets it apart from the other games in the franchise, is that your island will be truly unique to you and your decisions, allowing you to create the perfect cozy island for you and your villagers to live on. 

Although designing your island is the main attraction with this cozy Nintendo Switch game there are many other features that make this game fun and relaxing to play too, such as the many calming activities such as fishing and bug collecting, as well as part taking in the many seasonal events that happen every year. 

Little Dragon Cafe 

best cozy games to play

Although this game is available on other consoles, such as the Playstation, I am still including Little Dragon Cafe on this list, as I personally believe that it suits the Nintendo Switch more! 

In this cozy Nintendo Switch game, the player has to manage a cafe, whilst raising a dragon in order to save their mother. It’s a casual simulation/ exploration style of game, in which the player must seek out ingredients from the world around them, such as fishing and foraging, and even learn how to make certain dishes to sell at the cafe. 

It has low risk gameplay, which is perfect if you’re looking for a cute and cozy game that you can just zone out to. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley

best cosy nintendo switch games

Just like the previous entry, DDLV can be played on other consoles too! I would even say that it runs better on PC and Xbox too, however, seeing as many people get into cozy gaming through their Nintendo Switch, I’d thought I would include it on this list. 

Similar to Animal Crossing, DDLV is a relaxing, cozy, casual simulation game, which has the player decorate the entire valley, as well as help out many loveable (and memorable) Disney characters  by fulfilling tasks. 

In this game you can go fishing, mine for minerals, forage and even craft furniture to decorate your town and assist your villagers. 

Fashion Dreamer

cozy nintendo switch games

Fashion dreamer is a cozy Nintendo Switch game that I recommend to aspiring Fashionistas, those with a flair for fashion and especially those cozy gamers who remember playing games similar to this on their Nintendo DS years ago! 

The overall premise of this game is very simple. You play as a style influencer who has to help others around the city, by putting together a stylish outfit of their specific needs. Either the outfit needs to be styled around a specific theme, colour or even piece of clothing itself. 

Despite the game itself not being entirely challenging-  I mean even if you don’t follow someone’s request they still love their outfit anyways; and the gameplay itself is highly repetitive and samey after a while, Fashion Dreamer is still a relaxed cozy game that sparks hours of endless creativity. 

Super Mario Odyssey 

best nintendo switch games for cozy gamers

If you’re looking to relive your childhood of colourful 3D platformers, then I highly recommend playing Super Mario Odyssey. 

It blends everything that we loved from Mario 64 and even Mario Sunshine together to create an expansive, fun cozy Nintendo Switch game. Once again, Princess Peach has been kidnapped and is being forced to walk down the aisle to Bowser, and with the help of a living hat called Cappy, Mario must try and save her and restore the worlds that were plunged into Chaos by Bowser’s actions. 

The graphics are bright and colourful, with the gameplay itself being so fun and entertaining, that I can guarantee that any lover of classic platformers will be hooked to this game for hours! 

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

best cosy nintendo switch games

For the cozy gamer that wants to head on a massive adventure, then I highly recommend Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch.

Unlike other Legend of Zelda games of the past, BOTW is a truly open experience, allowing the player to pursue the game however they want, making it a unique adventure for every individual. Although the game does have several and very difficult combat segments throughout, there is just something so cozy about venturing through open fields, foraging for items, and finding a safe place to cook ingredients and get to know the people of Hyrule. 

Honestly, Breath of the Wild should be on everyone’s wish list for cozy Nintendo Switch Games. Now imagine if there was a Legend of Zelda game where you didn’t have to save the Kingdom and you spent all day foraging, maintaining a farm and cooking, wouldn’t that be the ideal cozy dream?! 

Pokemon Legends: Arceus 

best nintendo cozy games

Although there are many Pokemon games that I could recommend for the Nintendo Switch that you can play, I do highly recommend that people add Pokemon Legends: Arceus to their wishlist. 

It’s an action role playing game that maintains trace elements of the core gameplay, whilst also taking beloved segments from other games that we love such as Monster Hunter and Breath of the Wild. In this cozy Nintendo Switch game, you travel back in time to the Hisui region and are tasked with exploring the vast open world of different biomes and capturing as many Pokemon as possible.

However, there is a twist, unlike other Pokemon games of the past where you must battle and lower a Pokemon’s HP down before you successfully capture it, in this game you can attempt to capture a Pokemon by sneakily throwing a Poke ball at it from the comforts of the tall grass! Absolutely, spectacular! Although, I can guarantee that there is most definitely some combat involved. 

Also there extra points go to Jubilife Village for it’s overall cozy vibes, of aesthetically eye pleasing village, mixed with their relaxing music. I honestly just want to uproot my life in the UK and just move here! 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 

cozy games for the switch

Serving as the third game of the franchise, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the perfect cozy Nintendo Switch game, if you’re looking for a game that is a cartoonish horror, that isn’t overly scary and doesn’t contain any gore. I highly recommend playing this around Halloween! 

Following off of the back of the 2nd game, which will also be re-released on the Nintendo Switch later on this year, Luigi’s Mansion 3 sees our main protagonist having to rescue his brother and friends from King Boo in a haunted Hotel, called The Last Resort. You’re essentially a ghost buster, as you go around each room of the hotel with your handy Poltergust 5000, sucking up bothersome ghosts. 

It’s certainly not your traditional Mario Bros style of game, however it is nonetheless entertaining and a highly amusing way to cozy up with. Especially on a dark, autumn night!

New Pokemon Snap 

cozy games for the switch

Even if you’re not a fan of Pokemon, I still think that this game should be added to your wishlist regardless. It’s a first person, on rails photography game in which the player must traverse the islands of the Lental region in a hovercraft known as the NEO-ONE and must collect many different photographs of several different Pokemon. 

It’s a relaxing and meditative experience, which will have you travelling across numerous different biomes of the islands, day and night, to photograph Pokemon in their natural habitat and in several unique situations. 

A follow on from the original N64 game, this sequel really expands on the beloved cozy retro game, which not only older cozy gamers will appreciate as they live through their childhood experiences again, but also a younger generation who will get to revel in a truly unique experience that isn’t just battle, capture and repeat. 

Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island 

cozy games blog nintendo

You’d be forgiven if you thought that this cozy Nintendo game was just a shameless carbon copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons- and you’re slightly right. The game certainly has taken some visual and gameplay elements from it;s source, but it made it its own. 

If you’re suffering from Animal Crossing burn out, then I highly recommend this game, as it has laid back gameplay that somewhat resembles ACNH. It’s a cozy, casual social simulation in which you must help out the townsfolk, and create the farm of your dreams by growing crops, looking after farm animals and making ingredients from raw materials. It’s simplistic, however it’s incredibly addictive


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