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The Best Cozy Gamecube Games

Here is a list of the Best Cozy Gamecube Games that you need to play!

cozy gamecube games

Some may argue and say that the Nintendo Gamecube can’t be classed as ‘retro’. It’s retro gaming’s version of ‘what defines a cozy game?’. Everyone has an opinion despite the definition being laid out in black and white for them. 

Retro means backwards in Latin, which is what we do when it comes to looking at older games, we relive the past and talk about our experiences. Also taking a quick glance into Google, a lot of non-biased articles define retro as something that is older than 20 years. So considering that the Gamecube was actually released in  2001, I am classing it as a retro console. Sorry, not sorry!

Without annoying over opinionated retro gamers any further, I’ve put together a list of some of The Best Cozy Gamecube Games that you should add to your cozy retro gaming collection. Do you still own any of these games?


The Best Cozy Gamecube Games 

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker 

retro cozy games

Probably one of the first cozy retro games that I could recommend to all gamers; Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is an adorable, cell shaded action-adventure game, and yet another amazing instalment in a fantastic franchise. 

Taking place 100 years after the events of the Ocarina of Time, the Wind Waker sees Ganon, who wants to obtain the power of the Triforce once again by kidnapping girls with elf like ears. This adorable game takes you across the great sea, as you visit so many different locations and meet several interesting characters who help you along your adventure. 

Despite this game getting a lot of hard criticism over twenty years ago for its cute graphics, it’s a cozy retro game that still holds up today. I highly recommend this game if you’re coming off of your TOTK or BOTW adventures and want to have a more linear, story driven Zelda experience. 

Super Mario Sunshine

cozy gamecube games list

Super Mario Sunshine is, in my opinion, one of the best cozy retro games to play over the summer. I mean, it even has ‘Sunshine’ in the title. In this cozy Gamecube game, you control Mario, as he lands on the luxurious Delfino Island, only to discover that the Shine Sprites have left due to a Mario impersonator going round and covering the whole island in goo! 

As they islanders think that you’re responsible for this whole mess, they task you with cleaning it up! With your new acquired buddy, FLUDD on your back, you both tackle the pollution issue on the island, using a water gun to aid you in almost everything, such as getting to new heights, or even stunning and removing enemies. 

It’s honestly a great game if you’re a fan of the Mario franchise, and I highly recommend it if you loved the cozy retro game, Mario 64, or even the modern Mario Odyssey! 

Animal Crossing

cozy retro gamecube games

The game that kickstarted a beloved franchise and that’s loved by so many cozy gamers everywhere! The original Animal Crossing is probably one of the more original cozy retro games out there, as it has your character move to a new town and interact with many of the characters that we’ve come to love- even ones that aren’t featured in the modern games anymore! 

Although the game doesn’t allow for much customisation in regards to how your town looks, or your character themselves, I mean that horn shaped hat isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but the game has a lot of charm and character, which provided plenty of interesting experiences and interactions that has been completely lost in the modern instalments. 

Do you still have your original town on the original Animal Crossing?

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 

cozy retro games list

Although people want to debate with me as to what a cozy game actually is, I still think action- adventure games like Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is a great cozy Gamecube game to add to your collection! Yes, it’s a little darker than the Wind Waker, and does feature battle and conflict, but the adventure that you go on with Link is nonetheless an exciting and rather emotional journey as you save the Kingdom of Hyrule from Ganon and the horrors of the twilight realm. 

Full of interesting and stunning locations, this game is perfect to go back to if you enjoy exploring Hyrule in a more linear format. There’s something so magical and cozy about exploring Link’s home village, plucking pumpkins, or fishing in Lake Hylia to even hugging all the stray cats in the back alley’s of Hyrule Town. Now if there was a Zelda title purely dedicated to that then I would be all over it! 

Mario Party 4 

chilled out gamecube games

Who says cozy games need to be enjoyed alone? Sometimes I think that they should be enjoyed surrounded by friends and family, hence why I included this party game on this list. 

Although it’s not traditionally cozy, in which you snuggle up on the sofa to, Mario Party 4 is more of a cozy game in a sense that you cozy up around your Nintendo Gamecube, and enjoy the fast paced craziness of this cozy retro game. How many times can I use ‘cozy’ in a sentence, haha! 

This video game centres around four beloved Nintendo characters competing against each other on various themed board games in the hopes of obtaining as many stars and coins as possible, with each round concluding in some entertaining mini games. The game is colourful and pleasing to the eye! And a great thing is, you don’t have to have other people on hand to play this with, as you can easily play alone against the computer too!


cozy gamecube games list reddit

A staple for your cozy Gamecube games collection, Pikmin is an adorable RTS puzzle game which focuses on a pilot, Captain Olimar, who crash lands on a mysterious planet. It’s here that he utilises these peculiar creatures, named Pikmin, to help him find the missing parts of his ship, whilst navigating each level's obstacles and enemies. 

The game is adorable, and you’re going to have the overbearing urge to want to protect all your Pikmin at all costs, although we know that it’s not always possible. Fortunately, you don't have to scope Ebay to find an overpriced copy anymore, as Pikmin has been re-released on the Nintendo Switch, so you can now enjoy games of the past on a modern console. 

Luigi’s Mansion

retro cozy games list

Finally, it made a change for Mario’s brother to get the spotlight after years of being in his older brother’s shadow for so long! Probably the only creepier entry on this list, Luigi’s Mansion is more like the love child of Ghostbusters than Poltergeist, so you can play this with ease and not having to worry about being spooked by gore or excessive horror! 

In this cozy Gamecube game, Luigi gets notified that he won a mansion in a contest that he didn’t even enter. Him and Mario agree to meet up there, after Mario fails to turn up, Luigi reluctantly heads in and investigates, finding out that the place is in fact haunted by ghosts. 

Thanks to your quirky sidekick Professor E.Gadd, you are armed with your trusty Poltergust 3000 and are tasked with capturing the ghosts that haunt this mansion, as well as trying to uncover the disappearance of your brother. Perfect if you fancy a cozy Halloween night in! 

Super Monkey Ball 

the best cozy gamecube games

Released in 2003, Super Monkey Ball is an arcade style game, filled with plenty of variety. There are fun mini games and races that you can choose to play alone, or with three other friends, or you can take on the main game where the objective is to make it to the goal of each stage by navigating past all of the obstacles. 

It’s very loud, it’s very colourful, but it’s very fun! Although it’s not your typical, generic, samey cozy game, I still think that this game is perfect to unwind down to, You have no objectives, no battles, just pure party game bliss! 

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door 

Cozy Nintendo gamecube games

Thankfully you don’t have to figure out how to hook up 20 year hardware to a modern Tv as Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door will be available on the Nintendo Switch, so you can go back and enjoy this cozy Gamecube game hassle free!

Compared to other Mario games that were released at the time, Paper Mario was highly unique in its gameplay and art style. Unlike the traditional platformers that the series is known for, Paper Mario is a role playing game in which battle is more than just pouncing on the heads of enemies, and requires some strategy in turn-base environment. Have you played this cozy Gamecube game?

Lost Kingdoms 2 

underrated cozy games

Lost Kingdoms 2 is a game that I feel is completely underrated. I would go as far as to say that it’s a forgotten gem of the Gamecube! It’s an action platformer, which blends adventure and exploration with a compelling story and cards. 

You play as Tara, a common thief with a runestone that allows her to use powerful magic cards against foes and enemies. Although I do agree that it’s for a niche audience and can be difficult for a lot of cozy gamers to get into initially, I would still recommend this game as it certainly has a cozy atmosphere. 

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