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Kawaii Back to School Supplies Must Haves | Kawaii Lifestyle

Going back to school or college or university soon? It’s time to stock up on some cute accessories and supplies, ready for the start of term. Here are some Kawaii Back to School Supplies Must Haves.

best kawaii back to school supplies

It’s been years since I’ve been in school, and although I hated education with a passion (well I loved my two year stint at college), I would always enjoy shopping for new stationery and shoes before the start of term.

Back in the day, we never had cute, catchy stationery or accessories, instead everything was Woolworths own brand. Oh, and Pucca. Who couldn’t forget owning a few Pucca Pencil Cases back in the day.

Although I’m a fully grown adult, if I were to go back to full time education, (which I’m currently looking into), I would splurge on plenty of kawaii stationery and school supplies, ready to start the school term. But I’m not, however I’m here to help you choose some cute, kawaii back to school supplies to help you get into the school spirit.


Kawaii Back to School Supplies Must Haves.

Kawiai back to school supplies

Can I borrow a pen? Well, you’ll be quick to say no when you stock up on these cute kawaii cartoon pens. These 5mm black ball point pens are perfect for taking notes during class or simply doodling in your maths book (we’ve all been there!). Available in a pack of six, these pens have a variety of cute, cat expressions that are so adorable, that you’d probably regret loaning out to a classmate.

best kawaii school supplies

Need to take notes for class? Or need to add important points to your school book? Then why not invest in some cute, kawaii sticky notes. Each pack contains 120 PC’s allowing for plenty of minor notes or points that you need to make during class. Available in a choice of colours, including pink, blue, mint green or beige, these sticky notes should be an important addition to your school work.

10 best kawaii school supplies

Everyone needs erasers at school. Instead of getting boring white ones that seemingly attract too much grime after a few uses, why not invest in some cute cookie erasers? Available in a pack of six, these kawaii erasers take the form of biscuits and cute kawaii shapes that almost look good enough to eat! Just don’t eat them, for obvious reasons.

kawaii pastel school supplies amazon

To make your notes look more aesthetic and eye-grabbing, sometimes you need to invest in some cute pastel highlighters to help make certain aspects of your lesson stand out. Here to help are these cute cat paw paste highlighters. These pens are double ended, so instead of getting six colours, you’ll be receiving twelve unique highlighter colours.

kawaii stationery amazon

You need a way to transport all of your kawaii stationery, why not invest in this cute boba stand up pencil case, perfect for both school and office settings. Whenever you’re having a bad day, you can just look at this adorable, happy face and you’ll instantly feel better. This pencil case is far better than the cheap clear ones that we got as a kid that’s for sure.

kawaii school supplies on a budget

Maths is the worst subject in my opinion. I could never grasp fractions and long division, however I know that there are many people out there who seemingly enjoy these subjects. To help tackle this tricky subject, why not get a kawaii geometry set? Don’t ask me how you use all those weird rulers though, I still have no idea!

kawaii notebooks amazon

Perfect for both school and office settings, this cute boba bear notebook is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and is great for taking down notes. Combine this with the cute pens and the boba pencil case, you’ll have a cute, kawaii stationery haul that all your classmates will envy! I envy you already.

kawaii bento boxes on amazon

In my opinion, lunch breaks were the best part of school, even work to be honest. Back in the day, high school lunches were very dire and left a lot to be desired, if I am to be honest. Obviously, I can’t speak for every school out there, however, why not consider learning to cook or pack your own lunches and store them in this cute, multi-tiered bento box.

kawaii bags

You need something to store your books and belongings in, so why not grab yourself a lightweight but sturdy bag that also looks kawaii? This particular bag has multiple compartments, perfect for storing your books, pencil cases and general belongings. It’s much safer than storing in a locker where your stuff can get vandalised or stolen!

kawaii shoes for school and office

Getting the right shoes for school is crucial! Who doesn’t remember those long agonising trips to your local department store, where you would try on plenty of shoes, walk up and down to check if they were too loose or too tight? If you know that your feet aren’t going to grow anymore, then why not get some kawaii mary jane shoes. Just check with your school to ensure that they align with their ridiculous rules.


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