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Best Kawaii Gaming Keyboards on a Budget (in 2023)

Here are the Best Kawaii Gaming Keyboards on a Budget (in 2023)

best kawaii gaming keyboards

When it comes to uplifting your current kawaii gaming setup, it’s important to think about all aspects of your gaming desk- this includes your keyboard. One of the most satisfying things to watch on TikTok or Instagram, is watching someone tap away on their cute keyboards in their aesthetically pleasing gaming corner.

As someone who is going to be building her perfect kawaii gaming setup on a very extreme budget, I’ve been browsing plenty of accessories, including keyboards that would easily blend in with my desired aesthetics. If you want to know what that is, feel free to check my pinterest.

So if you’re like me, trying to create a kawaii gaming setup or are simply to uplift your current cozy gaming space, then check out my list of the Best Kawaii Gaming Keyboards on a Budget (in 2023).

Best Kawaii Gaming Keyboards on a Budget (in 2023)

best gaming keyboards

This cost effective mechanical gaming keyboard is the perfect addition to any kawaii gaming setup. Not only is this keyboard fun and lighthearted with its unique pastel shade and cute cat keycaps, but this wired keyboard is made from high quality PBT instead of ABS which ensures durability and a less oily feel that is commonly experienced overtime.

cute budget friendly keyboards

Keeping strong with the cat theme, this wireless keyboard and mouse set will complete any kawaii gaming setup perfectly. This kawaii keyboard comes in a few other colours, including pink, green and purple, allowing the user to blend their accessory to their current gaming corner perfectly, without compromising on aesthetics. Perfect for PC and Laptops, this kawaii keyboard boasts a long battery life with a handy reminder when your AAA batteries need replacing.

kawaii tiktok keyboards

Made popular by TikTok, this mechanical gaming keyboard is a little bit more costly compared to others on this list, however it not only boasts clean, colourful aesthetics but is also high quality and reliable. This makes it perfect for any kawaii gaming setup. Coming with a USB cable, this keyboard allows for a wireless or even wired connection. This is one of those moments where TikTok made me buy it.

kawaii keybaords on a budget

If you’re looking for a keyboard that is budget friendly but boasts colourful, cute aesthetics, then look no further than this unbranded kawaii keyboard and mouse combination. Its slim and stylish design allows for comfortable typing and soft keycaps for whisper-quiet typing. Although it’s one keyboard, it can accommodate two systems, allowing the user to easily make a switch to Apple or Windows devices with one click. It also has a longer life battery and switches off to conserve power when not in use. Not bad for a kawaii keyboard that costs less than £25!

kawaii gaming setup ideas

This slim, compact mechanical keyboard is perfect for any FPS gamer. This kawaii keyboard has the ability to have macros and shortcuts integrated into the keys, allowing for a more streamlined, easy gaming experience- which I’m sure plenty of us desire, Equipped with vibrant RGB, this keyboard has up to 20 presets, where the brightness and flow of the backlighting can be altered to fit with the user’s personal preferences.


These are just some of the Best Kawaii Gaming Keyboards on a Budget (in 2023). Remember to follow me on Instagram if you want to watch me build my ideal kawaii gaming setup on a strict budget.


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