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Cozy Games On Xbox Gamepass May 2023

It’s May 2023. You know what that means! New, fresh cozy games recommendations that you can currently play on Xbox GamePass! Read to find out more.

cozy games on xbox game pass

I must sound like a broken record, but Xbox GamePass is such a good option for cozy gamers who are on a strict budget like myself. For only £11 (there are other cheaper options too), you can experience a catalogue of new releases, indie titles and even retro games at no extra cost! This includes cozy games too!

When I first started up, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up with other blogs and content creators online who either get cozy games sent for free to promote or have the funds to purchase new games constantly. There was no way, I live paycheck to paycheck, so I thought I would just write about Xbox cozy games as my niche within a niche.

You can read my post Why Xbox GamePass is Great For Cozy Gaming to understand why I am so passionate about promoting this.

Also note, this will ALWAYS be a staple to my blog, so subscribe if you’re interested in playing more cozy games for cheap (sometimes free).

Coffee Talk 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly

You own a coffee shop in an alternative Seattle setting, where you serve a whole host of different fantasy races, from snooty elves, anti-social orks and even succubuses with various hot drinks. Just like the original game, you serve your customers at a relaxed pace, listening to chill lo-fi beats and listening to the many complex stories that come in every day.

The game has been expanded upon slightly, with the choice to see your patrons stories, give them items and with new drinks being introduced, however the game hasn’t lost its appeal. I highly suggest that you spend a weekend playing both Coffee Talk and this sequel over the weekend. After all these cozy games are both available on Xbox Gamepass right now!


I’ve been doing this since January and I still haven’t included Minecraft on the lists? How could I? In this blocky, sandbox game, you gather materials, build better tools and install better dwellings and live off of this vast land. You can explore these randomly generated worlds at your own pace, whilst listening to some iconic, calming music in the process.

If you have a friend on Gamepass, why not drag them along and build an expansive world for yourselves? The amount of building opportunities is literally endless. Perfect if you or a friend are dedicated builders or/and creatives!


If puzzle platformers are what you’re looking for as a cozy game this month, then perhaps consider looking at Unravel. Currently this cute, puzzle game is on Gamepass, along with it’s sequel and deserves a few hours of your time.

You control this apple sized red creature, made of red yarn and traverse through this inspiring 2D landscape, platforming and solving puzzles along the way. It has such a cute style and the graphics are breathtaking, that it’s hard not to get consumed by the game!


If you’re looking for a game that is very reminiscent of old school Wonderboy and Legend of Zelda titles, then Tunic may be the game that you should play on Xbox Gamepass this month.

Only released last year, Tunis is an isometric action- adventure game, where you take control of a cute, anthropomorphic fox who must navigate through the post- apocalyptic ruins of a fantasy world. Boasting cute graphics and engaging gameplay that I feel a wider audience would love, not just coxy gamers, Tunic looks to be a game that players can really sink their teeth into!

Let’s Build a Zoo

For the cozy gamers who desire more of a strategy simulation game that boasts a cute, graphical style too, then Let’s Build a Zoo is a game that I recommend on Gamepass right now!

As you can probably guess, you have to build and populate the zoo with many attractions and animals, making it more profitable and entertaining for your guests. It’s like a combination of retro meets cozy. Like if Theme Park and Stardew Valley had a baby- this would be the result. I have recently downloaded this game, so expect a review soon!

Those are my cozy game picks this month for Xbox Gamepass.

I’m sorry that this month has been really late, and that i’ve not really updated recently, I have been experiencing some health problems which are affecting the time I spend in front of screens. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.


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