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Five Furniture Sets Missing From Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Five Furniture Sets Missing From Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has captured the hearts of millions with its charming aesthetics, customizable island paradises, and endless array of furniture options; and although I do criticise it alot, I can’t deny the impact that it’s had on cozy gaming. 

However, while the game offers a vast selection of items, some fans have noticed the absence of a few beloved furniture sets from previous instalments. Whether for their nostalgic value or unique aesthetic, these missing sets have left a gap in the creative possibilities for many players. In this post, we'll explore five furniture sets that players dearly miss in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and why they deserve a comeback.


Five Furniture Sets Missing From Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Sweets Series 

Is Sweet Series in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Rightfully iconic, the Sweets Series was introduced to us in Animal Crossing: City Folk. It’s a delightful collection inspired by confectionery, which adds a sweet touch to any room. With furniture resembling wafers, cakes, and other sweet treats, this furniture set was obtained for a hefty amount of bells from Gracie Grace’s boutique; so you felt special when you had the whole collection in your home. 

It’s just a shame that the Sweets Series didn’t make a return in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as the imaginative designs are sorely missed amongst fans who are craving its sugary charm. 

Creepy Series

creepy series animal crossing New horizons

Originally introduced in City Folk as DLC for Japanese audiences, the Creepy Series made a return in New Leaf, where it could only be obtained during a Halloween event when you gave Jack a lollipop. 

Unlike the Spooky Series, which consisted of pumpkin themed pieces, this particular furniture set was seemingly inspired by pieces that you’d find in your stereotypical haunted house. Here you’ll find things such as a creepy Grandfather clock, a crystal sitting on a round table and even an upright coffin which is perfect for creating a dark, haunted room. It’s just a shame that this didn’t return in New Horizons as it’s so superior to the Spooky Series! 

Rococo Series

rococo series animal crossing new horizons

Known for its ornate and elegant designs, the Rococo series was a favourite amongst cozy gamers who loved a touch of gothic luxury. Featuring intricate patterns and sophisticated details, this set allowed for the creation of opulent interiors. 

Although it only featured in one Animal Crossing game, its absence in New Horizons has been felt by many cozy gamers alike who miss decorating with its timeless elegance and brooding aesthetic. 

Princess Series

princess set animal crossing new horizons

Another Gracie Grace collection added to this list, the Princess Series brought a regal fairy-tale charm to Animal Crossing, perfect for those who dreamt about living in a royal fantasy. 

With a sky blue and white colour palette, this set is dainty and perfect for creating magical, princess-themed rooms. I remember having the entire set in my old Animal Crossing save. I really regret deleting Ryeview! Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to capture the same whimsical elegance in my New Horizons town as the storybook allure of the Princess Series is missing in the latest instalment. 

Alpine Series

alpine series animal crossing new horizons

The Alpine Series is a bit of a hit or miss for many fans of Animal Crossing! Characterised by its cozy, rustic feel, it was ideal for creating warm cabin-like interiors.

With its wooden textures and homey designs, it evoked a sense of mountain lodge comfort, ideal for creating comfy shops on the 1sr floor of your home. Its absence in New Horizons, has left fans yearning for the ability to create their own alpine retreats! 

Furniture Set We DON’T Miss From New Horizons:

Although some may agree or disagree with the five furniture sets that I’ve listed above, I think we can all agree on ONE furniture set that we don't miss!

Balloon Series

balloon series animal crossing new horizons

If you thought the overpopulation of eggs prior to Bunny Day in New Horizons was bad, then you haven’t experienced the horrors of the Balloon Series in New Leaf- that’s where it debuted and that’s where it can stay! 

As the name would suggest, this eye sore of a furniture set consists of pieces made purely out of various party balloons. But it gets worse! It’s the only item that’s dropped from the balloons in the sky! Unlike the other games in the franchise, New Leaf made it so that the only thing that drops from the sky too, completely obliterates the incentive for buying a slingshot! 

Thankfully, it felt like Nintendo listened, and this garish set was left in the past where it belongs! Please never bring this back! 

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