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The Best Cozy Games to Play

Are you new to cozy gaming? Or simply need something new to play? Then look no further than this list of The Best Cozy Games to Play (if you’re new).

Best cozy games to play

It’s clear to see why cozy gaming has become popular over the recent years. Not only is the cozy gaming community very inclusive for women but the games are very relaxed in nature and invoke a level of self care - which is the type of escapism we need after a stressful day.

However as cozy gaming becomes more popular, more cozy games are getting released and it can be very overwhelming knowing where to start, what to play first, what genre would you most enjoy etc etc. But don’t worry, I’m here to help! 

I’ve put together a list of Cozy Games to Play for those who don’t know where to start or who simply desire something different to play. 

The Best Cozy Games to Play (If you’re new)


Disney Dreamlight Valley

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If you’re looking for a cozy game like Animal Crossing, then look no further than Disney Dreamlight Valley. Probably one of the best cozy games to play, Disney Dreamlight Valley evokes such a ‘feel good’ feeling. 

It’s a social simulation where you create your own character and have to help out our beloved Disney characters and restore the Valley after it had fallen into decay and despair. There’s plenty to do in this game, such as fish, mine, cook and even design how the overall valley looks.

 If you’re new to cozy gaming, or simply want something similar to Animal Crossing, then this game is probably one that I would personally recommend. Also the base game is currently free if you have Xbox Game Pass. 

Coffee Talk 

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Set in an alternative 2020 Seattle, where fantasy meets reality, you play as the owner and sole barista of a midnight coffee shop. Your customers are a combination of humans, orcs, elves and such on, and you simply have to make their drinks whilst listening to aloof their life stories and problems. 

It’s a very chilled and relaxed cozy game in which you mainly soak up the engaging conversations and storylines of all the interesting characters. Coffee Talk is a cozy game I highly recommend playing on on a rainy day whilst being snuggled up on the sofa with a hot beverage in hand. 


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Unpacking is yet another cozy game to play if you’re new to cozy gaming, or simply want something relaxing to chill out to. It somehow managed to take the mundane (and even stressful), and turn it into a calming, meditative experience. 

You follow an unknown female character, simply known as ‘P, and navigate her life through childhood into adulthood by unpacking her life and putting away through the many locations she moves into. Not only is the gameplay relaxing, but the game can easily be picked up whenever you feel like it. 

Donut County 

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If you’re looking for a relaxing, yet quirky cozy game to play, then why not look at Donut County?! 

The concept of Donut County is pretty simple, you control a hole in the ground and have to expand it by swallowing everything up - buildings as well. Although it’s a relatively short game, it’s a fun and highly entertaining experience packed with wacky situations and hilarious dialogue that you’ll probably want to play again. 

Fashion Dreamer 

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Although it’s a relatively new cozy game, I highly recommend Fashion Dreamer to any aspiring fashionista who just wants a cozy time on the sofa, putting together hype worthy outfits. 

Despite the gameplay being very simple to grasp and repetitive, it’s also highly addictive too! You’re basically a fashion influencer who goes around different districts and helps individuals find their style through putting together numerous themed outfits. 

A great thing is, both men and women’s fashion is acknowledged in this game, with plenty of unique clothing options to choose from, letting you be as creative as you want. 

Two Point Campus 

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If you were a fan of cozy retro games like Theme Hospital and Theme Park growing up, then Two Point Campus is a cozy game you need to play. 

In this game you are challenged with building and maintaining a college campus. It’s here that you have to ensure that your students have enough decent facilities, such as classrooms, lounges and even dorms and ensure the overall happiness of students is met. It’s very stylistic, at times very challenging but nonetheless fun and cozy!

Mineko’s Night Market 

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If you love Japanese culture and cats (like me), then Mineko’s Night Market is the perfect cozy game to play.

You play as Mineko, who has just moved to this cat-obsessed town, who recalls the urban legend of a mystical cat deity who would bless the land and their crops. In this game you collect materials, such as flowers, and create items to sell on the night market. On top of that you have to help out the town with their problems, but most importantly save the cats from mysterious men in black suits. Did I mention that this game has cats?! 


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Stray is a fantastic cozy game to play if you’re not into cozy farming games! 

Set in a neon dystopian future, you navigate plenty of dangerous perils of this world through the eyes of an adorable ginger cat as he tries to find his way back to his friends, all with the help of a drone called B-12. 

The game takes you on an emotional journey, which I must admit, might not be for everyone, but for those who desire a compelling story to play through then this game is for you. 


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Dordogne is the perfect cozy game to play over the summer months, however it can be enjoyed through the year- yes even the winter too! 

It’s a story driven game, loaded with plenty of puzzles and cozy activities and follows the story of a middle aged woman as she recalls numerous lost memories of her childhood that she spent in France with her grandmother. 

The game is very touching, full of emotional moments such as grief and family conflicts- which I’m sure plenty of cozy gamers can relate to.

Powerwash Simulator 

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If you’re looking for a cozy game to play that is quite simple and doesn’t really require much thought or problem solving, then I highly recommend Powerwash Simulator. 

Armed with your handy jet wash and accessories, you are tasked with cleaning the grime off of numerous buildings and equipment, such as a playground, a van and even a whole entire house! That’s it. No Drama! No Skills Required! Also there is plenty of DLC to enjoy too! 

From the comfort of your couch, you can clean Lara Croft’s grubby mansion or even clean the whole of Bikini Bottom with the Spongebob DLC. There is even a Final Fantasy and Warhammer DLC being released! 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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What is more cozy than Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Released in 2020, I contribute this game to the rise of cozy gaming in general, hence why it should be a cozy game to play if you’re new to cozy gaming in general. 

It’s a laid back, social simulation where you move to a deserted island and catch bugs, fish, dig up fossils and design your island to make it habitable for all these adorable animal villagers. And if you’re feeling burnt out, there is even some DLC which can really spice up the gameplay. 


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