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Best Cozy Games Like Unpacking

Want more recommendations for Cozy Games like Unpacking? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with this list. Read for more cozy gaming recommendations. 

cozy games like unpacking

The overall premise of Unpacking shouldn’t have worked but just did! It’s a simple concept that brings cozy fun to the everyday mundane such as unpacking boxes and putting away items. 

Unpacking is a cozy, relaxing game that I recommend to those who are just getting into cozy gaming. It’s very calming and very addictive, however it;s also very short! However instead of hanging up your controller in disappointment, I’ve got a list of Cozy Games Like Unpacking.

Cozy Games Like Unpacking 

Assemble With Care 

games similar to unpacking

If you’re looking for a cozy game like Unpacking, look no further than Assemble With Care. In this game you play as an antique restorer who decides to take a much needed vacation in the sun soaked fictional town of Bellariva. 

It’s here that she meets plenty of the locals and helps fix many of their beloved gadgets and belongings. The game is part story, part puzzle, where the lack of cutscenes is made up by the stellar voice acting and above all, relaxing gameplay. 

Campervan: Make it a Home

Campervan: Make it a Home like unpacking

Although Campervan: Make it a Home hasn’t been released yet, although it’s rumoured for this year, I’m still including it on this list due to influences drawn from games like Unpacking and Assemble with Care. 

It’s a relaxing cozy game in which the player can unpack and arrange items around their mobile homes. As someone who has grown up around static caravans and trailers, there is something so exciting about organising household items into a tiny living space. 

A Little to the Left

cozy games like unpacking list

A Little to the left is the perfect cozy game for those who are looking for a Cozy Game Like Unpacking. It takes something so ordinary, so boring, such as arranging household items and transforms it into something relaxing and highly addictive. 

Each stage varies, where you’ll find yourself either arranging pencils in height order or neatly stack paperwork or even sticking notes to a calendar and so on- but there is a twist! Every now and again, a little furry friend will come along and cause chaos, amping up the difficulty of the gameplay. 

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise 

cozy games similar to unpacking

Although the base game for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is more of a laid back, social simulation, it’s the DLC, Happy Home Paradise, that is fairly similar to Unpacking. 

In Happy Home Paradise you’re tasked with upselling vacation homes and refurbishing it to create the perfect getaway for the villagers. Using a combination of furniture, weather, room size and even sound ambience, you can create truly unique homes and themed spaces. 

I highly recommend Happy Home Paradise if you’re looking for a Cozy Game like Unpacking or simply desire a change of pace from the standard Animal Crossing gameplay. 


unpacking inspired games

Inbento is a Cozy Game like Unpacking, however instead of arranging household items, you rearrange the contents of a bento box. 

It’s a relaxing puzzle game where you have to creatively arrange the contents of a bento box to match the desired end results with only a limited move set. Yet despite some of the stages becoming incredibly difficult as you progress, the game doesn’t put any unnecessary pressure or time limit on you, instead you can simply go at your own pace and keep trying! 


unpacking inspired cozy games

Venba is a narrative driven cozy game in which you follow the life of an immigrant family trying to culturally and financially adjust to a new country. 

In this game you have to help Venba create traditional Tamil dishes by trying to piece together the recipes through her mother’s old cook book. Although you’re not arranging your life through furniture, you’re navigating through the difficulties of immigrant life through inputting your ingredients correctly. 

The great thing about this game is that there is no strict time limit, you can simply try again at your own pace if you do anything wrong. 

The Sims 4 

best cozy games like unpacking

Technically the entire Sims franchise is just one big Cozy Game like Unpacking - in a way! 

Although the core gameplay is a social simulation where you control your sims as they navigate through their daily life of Woohoo and kitchen fires, you do have the option to simply spend hours just creating the perfect houses, and arrange your furniture. 

Plenty of amazing, jaw dropping builds have come from simmers who solely dedicate their time to creating the perfect home for others to enjoy. Best of all, the base game is free, however if you are looking for a bit of a challenge, why not buy the Home Designer Kit. Here you have objectives to decorate other Sims rooms as a professional designer. 

Cats Organized Neatly 

best cozy games similar to unpacking

If you’re looking for a Cozy Game like Unpacking that instils a sense of relaxation and self care, look no further than Cats Organized Neatly.  It's a 2D puzzle game in which you have to arrange your feline friends to fit a grid. 

Cats Organized Neatly has over 80 handcrafted puzzles to play through, each one presenting their own fun, little challenges to solve. Like many of the entries on this list, this game allows players to go at their own pace and if you get it wrong, no worries! Simply refresh and start again! 

Decor Life - Home Design Game

list of cozy games like unpacking

If you’re looking for a casual Cozy Game like Unpacking, then Decor Life is one that I recommend, especially if you have long commutes or are always on the go, and the best part is, this game can be easily downloaded to your android of iphones for free, 

Perfect for home design and decorating enthusiasts alike, this casual mobile game allows for plenty of creativity as you get to decorate the room from the walls and floors, to even where small items such as books and board games sit. The only downside about Decor Life is that it is plagued by constant ads that interrupts you constantly. 

Pack Master  

best cozy games similar to unpacking

What’s more satisfying than a neatly packed suitcase? Pack Master is a cozy game that is very familiar to Unpacking. 

Released in 2020, this game has the player try and fit numerous items into oddly shaped suitcases and travel luggage. With every level getting progressively harder and more outlandish the more you progress. Although the game looks simple, some of the stages can be quite difficult, which is perfect for those cozy gamers who want a bit more of a challenge. 


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