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Who is the Rarest Villager in Animal Crossing?

Want to know Who is the Rarest Villager in Animal Crossing? Read on to find out whether the villagers in your town are hard to come by. 

who is the rarest villager in animal crossing?

The Animal Crossing franchise is probably one of Nintendo’s best selling properties, as many cozy gamers love how relaxed and cozy the gameplay is. In this adorable life simulation game, you get to customise your island and mingle with adorable animal villagers with various personality traits and quirks. 

Obtaining villagers were usually a random event, where a random villager would set up their house anywhere in your town, however in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you get the choice of who actually settles on your island through exploring mystery islands or through the easy way of simply using an Amiibo card. 


Who is the Rarest Villager in Animal Crossing?

rare villagers in animal crossing
Is Bob a rare villager in Animal Crossing?

Did you know that there are over 400 villagers in the Animal Crossing series? There are some that are recognised favourites amongst the Animal Crossing community, whilst some we don’t really care for (sorry!) and some we’ve probably never even seen before. But does this make them rare? 

According to many posts online, there is no such thing as ‘a rare villager ', however, it’s the species of villager that determines them as a rare villager in animal crossing. Also with the inclusion of Amiibo cards, you can pretty much have any villager that you want now, almost making villager hunting on mystery islands redundant. 

Yet there are some exceptions to this rule. We’ve already established that there are no rare villagers in Animal Crossing, however certain species are significantly more rarer and hard to come by than others. Also, there are certain villagers that can only be obtained via amiibo cards, such as the Sanrio X Animal Crossing collaboration. 

Rare Villager Species List

As mentioned, there isn’t exactly a rare villager as such, it’s purely just a randomised chance as to who shows up on mystery islands, although let’s face it, it feels like we get the worst selection when we’re hunting for a specific villager or breed.

However, here is a rare villager species list which somewhat highlights the probability of encountering a specific follower based on their species. 

rare animal crossing characters
octopus villagers are considered the rarest


Undoubtedly the rarest species in Animal Crossing is Octopi. With only five ever existing in the game, it’s clear to see why villagers such as Zucker and Marina are like gold dust dreamies for many gamers. Octopus Villagers in Animal Crossing: Cephalobot, Zucker, Marina, Octavian and Inkwell.


Although it’s not the only cat type species to exist in the game, Tiger’s are considered fairly uncommon in the Animal Crossing franchise, with only seven available to track down and find. Tiger Villagers in Animal Crossing: Bangle, Bianca, Claudia, Leonardo, Rolf, Rowan and Tybalt. 


Cows are yet another uncommon type of species in Animal Crossing, with only eight to choose from. Cows are also the female equivalent to the bull villagers, meaning all cow villagers will be girls. Cow Villagers in Animal Crossing: Belle, Bessie, Carrot, Naomi, Norma, Patty, Petunia and Tipper. 


As mentioned, bull villagers are the male counterpart to cows in this game and there are only nine to exist in the Animal Crossing franchise. Bull Villagers in Animal Crossing: Angus, Chuck, Coach, Oxford, Rodeo, Stu, T-Bone, Vic and Weldon. 


Lastly Lions are another uncommon cat species in Animal Crossing with only being nine in existence. Lion Villagers in Animal Crossing: Aziz, Bid, Elvis, Jubei, Leopold, Lionel, Mott, Rex and Rory.


rarest animal crossing villager
Raymond is a fan favourite for many gamers!

Is Raymond a Rare Villager in Animal Crossing?

Although the chances of you encountering Raymond on a mystery island is low due to the 1 on 400 spawn, it’s fair to say that Raymond isn’t actually considered a rare villager in Animal Crossing, this is due to the fact the cats are considered one of the most common species, with over 30 in the entire franchise. 

rarest villager in animal crossing new horizons
Julian is the only unicorn in Animal Crossing

Is Julian a Rare Villager in Animal Crossing? 

There are a total of 17 horse villagers in the franchise, making them a fairly common species in Animal Crossing, however what about Julian? Despite being classed as a horse villager, Julian is actually a unicorn, making him the first and only type to be introduced in the game. Due to this, would you consider Julian as one of the rarest villagers in Animal Crossing?

rare animal crossing villagers
Credit: @sanrio

Are Sanrio Animal Crossing Characters Rare? 

I guess one exception to this rule, is the Sanrio x Animal Crossing collaboration where five certain villagers and their Sanrio inspired furniture were only obtainable through limited edition Amiibo cards that are now hard to come by. 

If you were lucky to get your hands on these Amiibo cards, players were able to scan in a sanrio inspired villager, such as; 

Marty- a bear cub based on the Pompompurin franchise.

Rilla - a gorilla based on the Hello Kitty franchise.

Etoile - a sheep based on the Little Twin Stars franchise.

Chai - an elephant based on the Cinnamoroll franchise.

Chelsea - a  deer based on the My Melody franchise.

Toby - a rabbit based on the Keroppi franchise.


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