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Cozy Gaming: Powerwash Simulator Tomb Raider Review

The best part of the classic Tomb Raider games, was exploring Lara's impressive mansion. From discovering many of the home's secrets to even locking the butler in the freezer, there are many memories had by us 90's kids. Now in 2023, we return here, but not to explore it but to clean it!

powerwash simualtor tomb raider dlc

Is Powerwash Simulator Worth it?

Is Powerwash Simulator on Xbox Game pass?

Is Powerwash Simulator cross platform?

Does Powerwash Simulator support multiplayer?

On January 31, Square Enix and FuturLab brought us one of the most bizarre crossovers in a long time- Powerwash Simulator meets Lara Croft's filthy mansion. For those who are unware, Powerwash simulator is a game dedicated to cleaning with a powerwash- that's it! Sounds mundane but I can assure you that there are many, many hours of relaxed fun and overall satisfaction that comes with cleaning, making it an ideal, cozy gaming must play!

Lara's mansion seemingly has been neglected, since her Core Design days, with the mansion walls and its contents covered in grime. Fortunately enough, grime doesn't bother the player and you're tasked with cleaning her place from top to bottom. Not only do you clean the mansion and its contents but you also clean her vehicles, such as the classic quad bike from the third game aswell as the infamous assault course.

powerwash simulator tomb raider dlc review

If you've played the base game, there is nothing new to add to the gameplay, as far as i can see but it's not that anything additional NEEDS to be added either. Armed with several detachments and nozzles, you literally spray down the dark areas of dirt until it's all sparkly clean, keeping notified on each area's completion by a tracker in the main menu.

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As mentioned earlier, it's just a fun, relaxing cozy game that tugs on the blatent heart strings of nostalgia. It's so cool to visit Lara's mansion again, over 20+ years later to just revel in pure memories I had as a kid, exploring it. My only issue with the game in general (not just the free DLC), is the lack of music, which I would have preferred whilst cleaning as it does take a long time when you're playing solo. Even if they couldn't obtain the original PS1 music due to potential licensing issues, a soundtrack that would could have fit the general Tomb Raider feel would have been amazing to have.

powerwash simulator tomb raider dlc free

So, Is Powerwash Simulator Worth it?

I highly recommend this DLC for ANYONE who loves cozy gaming or just the Tomb Raider franchise in general. For those who own the base game already, you'll be pleased to know that this is FREE and even better for those who own an Xbox Game Pass, as you can get Powerwash Simulator for free right now! It's the DLC we never knew we needed, but I'm personally thankful that it's happened!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Powerwash Simulator on Xbox Game pass?

Yes. You'll be happy to know that Powerwash Simulator is available on Xbox Game pass at the time of writing this blog. Despite Powerwash Simulator: Tomb Raider DLC being free for those who own an Xbox, other DLC's do cost addtional- but not by much. For more cozy games on Xbox game pass, consider reading more cozy game suggestions here!

Is Powerwash Simulator cross platform?

Yes and no. Powerwash Simulator is crossplay, however this only works with certain formats. PC players on Windows or Steam can connect with those who are playing on Xbox, however, Nintendo and Sony players are on their own and does not support crossplay.

Does Powerwash Simulator support multiplayer?

Yes. Multiplayer works in any of the gameplay modes available on the main menu in PowerWash Simulator. Powerwash Simulator doesn't support local multiplayer.


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