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Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Like Animal Crossing? | Cozy Games to Play

It feels like 2020 again, the world has become a scary place with the cost of living but one game's must needed release helps us deal with those problems in the form of Disney Disney Dreamlight Valley, But is Disney Dreamlight Valley Like Animal Crossing?

is disney dreamlight valley like animal crossing?

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley like Animal Crossing?

When it was released a lot of people asked is Disney Dreamlight Valley like Animal Crossing? Well, in my personal opinion, it's a yes and a no! Although casual simulation games have been around for years, it seems like there has been a massive boom in the type of cozy games trying to replicate the same success and longevity that New Horizons had when it was first released. Many have failed until Disney Dreamlight Valley was released in 2022.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is like Animal Crossing is many ways. Your character starts off in a place and it's up to you, the player, to restore it by fishing, mining, catching bugs, making furniture, cooking and so on. The only thing that Disney Dreamlight Valley doesn't allow you to do at the moment is terraform the valley completely.

Whether you're a fan of Disney or just indifferent, there is no denying that this game has the cozy vibes and exciting child-like wonder that plenty of gamers seek in a style of game such as this!

is disney dreamlight valley like animal crossing?

The game takes place in Dreamlight Valley, where your character wakes up and discovers that the whole town is in disarray- thorns are all over the place and villagers are missing and have forgotten their previous lives thanks to something called The Forgetting. It almost feels like a metaphor for how becoming a jaded adult makes you lose that magic you once had as a kid- which is relatable for alot of us.

Honestly, how many of you have played this game and looked back on how you felt as a child watching Disney films? You felt pretty good. Happy. Excited -right? Well, the game seems to rekindle those feelings in some form or another.

As the player you have to restore the valley and you do this by progressing the storylines of various characters, which in some way can or will revolve around you mining for materials, growing crops, unlocking recipes by cooking, fishing- to name a few things.

You also have the freedom to fully customise the town to your liking- obviously you cannot terraform or modify structures but there is a vast catalogue of furniture and ideas to really personalise the valley to your taste.

is disney dreamlight like animal crossing?

Let's talk about the graphics. They're beautifully stylistic matched perfectly by the reimagined versions of original Disney songs, giving those very cozy vibes. Nothing beats snuggling up on the sofa with your favourite stuffed animal and playing this for hours on a cold evening.

disney dreamlight vs animal crossing

Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Better Than Animal Crossing?

So, the real question Is Disney Dreamlight Valley Better Than Animal Crossing?

A bit of a controversial opinion that I know not many cozy gamers are going to agree with, but I would have to say that Disney Dreamlight Valley is better than Animal Crossing!

Despite the likes of Fae Farm, Coral Island and other relaxing social simulation games being released after Disney Dreamlight Valley, I would still say that Disney Dreamlight Valley completely destroys the competiion, and even the game it's trying to replicate.

Is Disney dreamlight better than animal crossing?

It seems like most social simulation and farming games in general follow somewhat of a similar routine and structured formula, which after a while can get very stale and boring. The same applies to Animal Crossing. Now I loved Animal Crossing: New Leaf (it's my favourite in the series), and I loved New Horizons for a while, however the game got stale just months in, and even with the major update in 2021, it failed to keep me interested.

I can't say the same thing with Disney Dreamlight Valley. Since it's release in 2022, I have been hooked as there is just so much fulfilling content to explore, and even more that's being added. Once you complete the main story, the game doesn't simply end and lose all meaning, instead you can choose to help out character's with their side quests, or just even decorate your town with the many items you can craft and buy.

Not to mention there is going to be expansion packs added too, so the gameplay itself is going to be expanded on even further.


Do you agree think Disney Dreamlight Valley is Like Animal Crossing? If you like what you have read, why not check out some of my popular recommendations, such as Cozy Games on Xbox Game Pass or even Retro Cozy Games. 


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