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Cozy Games Like Animal Crossing

Bored of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but still want that simplistic, cozy gameplay? Why not check out these Cozy Games like Animal Crossing?!

cozy games like animal crossing

I love the Animal Crossing series, it’s a cozy game that is perfect to snuggle up to throughout the year, however we have to admit that it can get a little boring and repetitive sometimes. After a specific event, I tend to put this game to rest for months on end- and I am sure there are many of us cozy gamers that feel the same way.

However if you’re suffering from Animal Crossing Burn Out, but still want something similar to play then check out this list of Cozy Games Like Animal Crossing! For more Animal Crossing content, go here!

Cozy Games Like Animal Crossing


Disney Dreamlight Valley

cozy games similar to animal crossing

Disney Dreamlight Valley is the perfect cozy game to play if you’re suffering from Animal Crossing burn out as it shares many similarities with the series.

This life simulation adventure game literally feels like a playable Disney film, as you have to uplift the stunning valley from The Forgotten, by helping out many of the character’s with their problems, by collecting items, cooking, crafting, fishing and much, much more. Unlike Animal Crossing, there are plenty of things to do on a daily basis, and plenty of interesting, unique tasks to complete - so you will never get bored!

Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island

Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island similar to Animal Crossing?

Pretty Princess Magical Garden Island is eerily similar to Animal Crossing, in that it can almost be considered a sibling of the franchise.

It’s a relaxing social simulation game, which sees the player restore the now deserted Carrot Isle to its former glory, by participating in many activities such as crafting, growing crops and even getting to decorate the island to your heart’s content. Although it may look similar to Animal Crossing visually, it plays very differently and is aimed at the cozy gamers who still feel like a Princess at heart. Read my full review here!

My Time at Portia

animal crossing alternatives

My Time At Portia is a RPG, life simulation game which is set in a post apocalyptic world and sees the player emerge from underground to have to rebuild their society after it got destroyed. In this game you must gather resources and craft items, that can then be sold on for gold and favours with the townsfolk.

My Time At Portia is a cozy game similar to Animal Crossing, taking inspiration from the gameplay and farming simulation aspects which can definitely fill that void we all fill after suffering burn out.

Cozy Grove

is cozy grove similar to animal crossing

If you’re looking for a cozy game similar to Animal Crossing, then why not play Cozy Grove? In this life simulation game, you get to experience everyday life on an ever changing haunted island.

This cozy game has the player as the spirit scout and it’s your job to help the spectral inhabitants with their afterlife. Here you’ll build a camp, make friends and bring colour back to the island by decorating. Do you think Cozy Grove is a Cozy Game similar to Animal Crossing?

Hokko Life

cozy games that are like animal crossing

Who remembers when the initial trailers for Hokko Life were released in 2022? Didn’t it feel like it was riding on the success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Although it might be a shameless copy, it is still a cozy game similar to Animal Crossing. Perfect if you’re bored of the latter.

In this Animal Crossing inspired game, the player hops off a train, ready to start their new life in Hokko, where this quiet village needs your help to turn it into a place that all the villagers love. Just like any other social simulation game, the player can craft furniture, collect items, go fishing and catch bugs in order to help out Hokko’s residents.

Fae Farm

cozy games that are like animal crossing list

If you’re looking for a Cozy Game like Animal Crossing, look no further than Fae Farm. In this cozy simulation game, you have to create your own little cosy home in the enchanted world of Azoria

You get to foster meaningful relationships with many characters whilst mastering the arts of crafting, cooking, potion-making and discover so much more that this enchanting world has to offer. Not only does the game look unique and visually appealing, but you can enjoy this game alone or with a friend, making your adventure meaningful and a unique experience to you.

The Sims 4

Cozy games like Animal Crossing

Although the gameplay may vary greatly from Animal Crossing, The Sims 4 still shares some similarities with the franchise.

Removing the deserted Island, talking animal characters and real time gameplay, The Sims 4 still has the player create their own family, create home that is unique to them and part take in the many activities and social occasions that this game has to offer. The Sims 4 even has the option to expand the gameplay with many expansion and game packs, giving the players more diverse gameplay options. Do you agree with The Sims 4 being a Cozy Game like Animal Crossing?


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