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The Best Animal Crossing Villagers

Animal Crossing has over 400 villagers in the series, but who are the best Animal Crossing Villagers? Which ten should you have for YOUR town? Read on to find out more.

the best animal crossing villagers

As mentioned Animal Crossing has over 400 villagers to choose from. With each design, each personality being highly unique and interesting, it’s sometimes hard to choose just ten best villagers in the entire franchise. Infact, I had issues narrowing down the list many times, however after looking online and seeing what the fans like overall and combined with my thoughts, I put together a list of The Best Villagers in Animal Crossing.


best animal crossing chracters

Seen as one of the original fan favourites of the series, Stitches has always been a sought out villager for many players, ever since I could remember. His adorable mismatched body, resembling a stuffed teddy bear, combined with his cute personality just made him a fan favourite.

If you had Stitches on your New Leaf island, then you had it made. He was top tier. As he has a lazy personality, Stitches will always talk about food or sleeping, which makes him a really easy going character to get along with.

best animal crossing characters list

Wade is a prime example of an overlooked villager. This adorable, black and white penguin is perfect for any player who needs that gentle, uplifting soul on your island.

As another lazy villager, he will talk about food all the time, so make sure you give him plenty of snacks or build plenty of vending machines around your island to keep him happy. I mean, how could you NOT want to make this little guy smile. He is freaking adorable!

best animal crossing characters bob

Just like Stitches, Bob is yet another Animal Crossing character who has seemingly garnered a HUGE following. Standing out from the cat crowd with his bright purple body and those norable sly eyes, this cat villager is just full of memorable personality.

Yet another lazy villager, he has a really laid back personality. He usually likes to relax or go fishing whenever he can and talks about food.

ione best animal crossing characters list

One of the latest additions added to the series, Ione is this stylish squirrel whose more memorable feature, apart from that blond fringe, is that stunning galaxy tail that is embedded with stars.

She may look like a snooty villager with those damning sharp eyes, but let me assure you, she has a normal personality and will make the player feel welcomed. Due to her friendly persona, she will generally get along with most other villagers too! Ione also gets bonus points for an awesome home.

judy best animal crossing characters list

Oh Judy, how can anyone hate you? Although the origins of her name is unknown, it is thought that she is inspired by the real life actress Judy Garland. Just is a cub villager with a pastel pink- blue fur combo and huge anime eyes, which instantly makes her stand out.

Most players and villagers alike, may not initially get along with Judy at first as she does have a snooty personality. Yet, I found her on a random island and since day one, she has been really nice to me.

animal crossing characters list

I feel like Zucker was popular in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons community initially before seemingly disappearing into obscurity, however, I personally still love this character. As an octopus, his name is inspired by the ‘suckers’ on his body, with his appearance resembling Japanese takoyaki, which is basically fried dough balls with minced up octopus.

Due to his appearance, he would make a great addition to anyone who is creating an old, traditional Japanese island and as his personality is lazy, he would be great manning any food stalls that you may want to include. Just a suggestion.

best animal crossing characters list

Marina is the villager we didn’t know that we needed. She boasts the normal personality, so she’s easy to get along with and this is complemented by her endearing design of yellow cheeks, contrasting against her bright, pink body.

Due to her kawaii, bubble gum appearance and upbeat personality, Marina would make the perfect Animal Crossing villager for someone who is building a cute town dressed in pink and cherry blossoms.


Undoubtedly one of the most desired villagers out there, Marshal is an off white squirrel with a smug personality who everyone seems to love. Although the origins of his name isn’t known, it is possible that his name is a reference to his cute, marshmallow appearance.

As a smug villager he will typically get along with the player, and most villagers, only clashing with cranky villagers at times. So if you want an adorable squirrel who is easy to get along with, why not track down Marshal and add him to your town.

best animal crossing villagers

Although Raymond was only introduced recently, he has undoubtedly become maybe one of the most popular Animal Crossing characters of all time. At first, I personally get the appeal. To me, he just looked like a miserable, grey cat with different-coloured eyes, however after getting introduced to him on Happy Home Paradise, I instantly fell in love with him.

Raymond is a smug type villager, who will get along with most villagers and the player, however will stroke his own ego from time to time. Due to his appearance of a smart suit, he would make a perfect villager on a citycore island.

These are ten best Animal Crossing villagers you need for your town. Do you agree? Do you have any of them? Let’s get a conversation started on twitter!


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