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How Long To Beat Donut County? | Cozy Games To Play

How Long To Beat Donut County? Read my review to find out whether this should be added to your Cozy Games To Play wishlist for 2024.

how long to beat donut county?

How Long To Beat Donut County?

So you might be wondering to yourself How Long To Beat Donut County? Is this cozy game going to be a short filled adventure or something I can dedicate hours to?

As much as thing is going to sound like a cop out, it depends! Are you the type of cozy gamer who wants to just 'get through it' and experience the game for what it is? Or are you the type of cozy gamer who strives for unlocking achievements, as it all comes down to that.

On average it takes roughly three hours to complete Donut County on a normal playthrough, however if you're trying to unlock all the trophies/ achievements, it can take a lot longer, roughly six hours.

Donut County Review

Donut County is the game that I didn't know I needed but it certainly filled that hole in my heart.

There are many things you can be in video games, however ever expanding sinkhole wasn't something that would have never crossed my mind and that's exactly what you play as in Donut County. Essentially, you control a hole in the ground, swallowing up the world and it's inhabitants around you.

The game's plot primarily revolves around a human named Mira and her raccoon ftiend, BK who are trapped underground with many of the residents of Donut County, who all got swallowed up by the sink hole shortly after ordering a donut via an app. The story goes back and forth, where the residents and Mira recount the moments before they were sucked through the sink hole, which you ultimately play out as the level.

how long does it take to beat donut county?

Each level is self contained within Donut County and starting off as a small, inferior hole, sucking up small things such as rocks and patches of grass before it gets big enough to swallow vehicles to even whole buildings. Ontop of that, there will also be moments where you have to solve various puzzles, which could be anything from getting rid of water in your sink hole to even trying to get a hot air balloon off of the ground.

Yet despite every level having the same goal of consuming utterly everything in the world, it's not repetative or boring. If anything, I got excited to play every single level, looking forward to seeing what I'll be guzzling up next!

donut county review

As for the story, personally I loved it. Just the way that all the characters interacted with eachother was humourous and sometimes relatable. Mira and BK seemingly have a rather laid back, rip-on eachother type of friendship, which I'm sure alot of people can relate to. Even the side characters were bursting with plenty of relatable personality, where the dialogue is quite cleverly put together and fun to read.

how long to beat donut county

In regards to the graphics and art style, personally, I'm not the biggest fan, however I will say for the premise of the story and gameplay, it matches it very well. Overall the game is fun and I do rate it very highly. My only (very small), complaint is that it's not longer as I completed this game in a mere few hours, but I guess thats the case when you're always having fun!

how long does it take to beat donut county?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Donut County worth it?

Despite the short gameplay and the fact that the entire game is basically the player sucking up items and buildings through an ever expanding hole. The game is very fun and entertaining. It's a cozy game that is certainly calming and relaxijng to play.

Is Donut County on game pass?

Unforunately as of July 2023, Donut County is no longer available on Xbox Game pass. It was on game pass at some point, however it was removed in March 2023.

Is Donut County Free?

No. Donut County isn't a free game, however the game is quite cheap and retails at an average of £12. Depending on what console you choose to play on.

Is Donut County multiplayer?

No. Donut County does not support multiplayer. It's a single player game.

Is Donut County on PS4?

Donut County is available on PS4/5, Xbox, Steam, Nintendo Switch, Ios and Android.


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