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Best Cozy Games Like Minecraft

best cozy games like minecraft

Renowned for its boundless creativity and exploration, Minecraft’s simplicity and nostalgic aesthetics of pixelated graphics and gentle soundscapes, creates a comforting atmosphere. With a calming day-to-night cycle, serene music, and ambient sounds, cozy gamers can expect to feel fully immersed into the tranquil environments. 

In Minecraft, players can build homes, farms and entire villages at their own pace, without the pressures of deadlines of objectives, giving games full creative autonomy. It just allows for true personal expression and relaxation, making it a perfect virtual retreat. 

In essence, Minecraft's blend of creative freedom, soothing aesthetics, and communal possibilities crafts a uniquely cozy experience. Whether solo or with friends, the game provides a digital sanctuary where players can escape, unwind, and immerse themselves in a world of their own making.

If you have Xbox Game pass, you can download this game and just reveal its cozy atmosphere! However, if you don’t own Minecraft, or simply don’t like the art style, here are some of the best alternatives! Welcome to my list of the Best Cozy Games Like Minecraft! 

Best Cozy Games Like Minecraft



games like minecraft

If you like the survival aspects of Minecraft, then Valheim is a fantastic game to try! It’s an open world survival game that immerses the players into a world that is heavily inspired by Norse mythology. You play as a deceased Viking warrior, stuck in limbo, as you explore randomly generated maps, full of different biomes and threats. Here, you and other players have to gather resources and build shelters to survive. 

Just like Minecraft, Valheim encourages creativity and exploration, even rewarding players who pick up the courage and take the time to fully engage with its rich, atmospheric world. Also the soundtrack for Valheim is absolutely stellar! I highly recommend listening to the extended version of the Meadow track, as it’s so calming. 

Dragon Quest Builders 2

video games similar to minecraft

Combining traditional RPG elements with sandbox building mechanics, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a fantastic and cute alternative to Minecraft. In this cozy game, players must gather resources, build towns and battle monsters in a charming, blocky world. 

Featuring a compelling story set in the Dragon Quest universe, the game features plenty of quests and character interactions to drive the game. However, it’s the construction and crafting systems that are very similar to Minecraft, as it allows players to freely design and customise their environments. It also has a co-op version too! 


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Whenever we think of games like Minecraft, our first choice is typically Terraria, as its core gameplay of loop resource gathering and construction is very similar. It’s a 2D sandbox adventure game that offers extensive crafting, building and exploration opportunities. Here players dig, fight, and build in a randomly generated world filled with resources and enemies. 

The game’s progression system encourages exploration and combat, with numerous biomes and bosses to uncover. Just like Minecraft, Terraria emphasises creativity and player driven goals, allowing for a unique world building adventure. 

Stardew Valley

games like minecraft that are cozy

Stardew Valley is a farming simulation that incorporates crafting, building, and exploration elements. In this cozy game, you take the role of a farmer, who inherits a derelict farm from your dying grandfather. Here you manage your land, grow crops, raise animals and engage with the very vibrant community. 

It’s a cozy game like Minecraft due to its construction and gathering mechanics, where players must mine for resources, fish and explore caves. The game’s overall charm lies in its relaxed pace and emphasis of strengthening a community, making it a variable experience to Minecraft.


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Not everyone wants to uplift a farm, and some of us like to take our adventures offland, that’s why I’m recommending Raft to all those cozy gamers looking for a similar experience to Minecraft. Raft is a survival game where players start on a simple small raft in the middle of an ocean and must gather debris, scavenge islands, in order to expand their floating homes. 

Players must manage their resources carefully in order to survive, fending off starvation, thirst and even sharks that pose a risk.The game’s unique setting and water-based challenges set it apart, but its emphasis on survival and construction draws clear parallels to Minecraft.

Cube World

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A cozy game like Minecaft, Cube World is a sandbox adventure game where players must explore, build and survive in a blocky world. The game features crafting and building mechanics that is very reminiscent of Minecraft, allowing players to create structures and tools from resources that they’ve gathered. 

With various different biomes to discover, Cube World encourages plenty of exploration, adding excitement to your gathering adventures. It’s a familiar experience for Minecraft fans who love a game that solely focuses on creativity and survival. Have you played Cube Story?


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Craftopia is a multiplayer open world game that blends survival, crafting, and action RPG elements together. In this cozy game, players must gather resources, build bases, farm, and fight monsters in a colourful and expansive world. The game features a wide variety of activities, from hunting and fishing to farming and dungeon crawling. 

The game features an extensive crafting and building system, allowing for complex creations and automation, similar to Minecraft. With diverse gameplay mechanics, Craftopia allows for a versatile and engaging experience for fans of sandbox games. 


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