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Best Cozy Games For Autumn.

It’s officially Autumn, which means mustard sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes and snuggling up on the sofa playing some cute, cozy games. Here are the Best Cozy Games For Autumn.

best cozy games for autumn

Can you believe that we’re already in autumn? Not that it’s a bad thing, autumn is the perfect time of year to cozy up on the sofa with a spicy, warm beverage and play some cute, cozy games. So here are some amazing cozy games that you need to play this fall!

Best Cozy Games for Autumn

Animal Crossing

cozy games for autumn

Whether it’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or even Animal Crossing: WIld World, there is no denying that this series completely embodies the autumn season. Once it reaches September, the grass and leaves begin to brown, mushrooms begin to grow as the town prepares for the festivities of fall.

Although Animal Crossing can be played 365 days a year, no matter the season, it’s the perfect cozy game for autumn. There are even a fair few events that occur during this time to really get you in the mood. For more Animal Crossing content, go here!

Stardew Valley

games to play in the autumn

I think farming simulators in general are the best cozy games for autumn. There’s something so relaxing about tending to your farm and animals, especially during this season. Stardew Valley is the perfect farming game for the fall season, as it not only caters to that core gameplay but spans over four seasons, autumn included.

During the fall season, you get to plant plenty of autumn themed vegetables and fruits, such as pumpkins, as well as partake in the many autumn themed events, like Halloween. The music is also the perfect soundtrack to cozy up to as well. Read my review here!

Beacon Pines

fall inspired cozy games

As Halloween is right around the corner, it’s probably the best time to play a game like Beacon Pines. It’s very creepy and feels very inspired by shows like Stranger Things, by it’s very dark undertones that get explored.

In this narrative driven game you take control of Luka Vanhorn as he is thrown into the deep, dark mystery that revolves around beacon pines. It plays like a story, and it’s up to the player to drive the direction of it. It’s a cute, cozy game with a creepy edge that I really recommend for the spooky season. Read my review here!

Disney Dreamlight Valley

fall inspired cozy games

Released in September 2022, this fairly newish game is yet another great cozy game for the autumn. Who doesn’t love snuggling up on the sofa with a hot drink, under a blanket and binge watching Disney films? I know I’m not the only one here!

Disney Dreamlight Valley almost feels like a playable Disney film, as you take control of your character and help known DIsney characters with their problems, and help restore the valley to its thriving state. It’s like Animal Crossing, but better. Read my review here!

Coffee Talk

cozy gaming blogs

There’s nothing more cozy than snuggling up on the sofa with a hot drink, like a milky latte or strong, black coffee- especially when you’re playing this game. Set in an alternate universe, where fantastical creatures like orcs and elves live civilised lives amongst humans in a modern day setting, you play the owner/ sole barista of a late night coffee shop.

Coffee Talk is a narrative, story driven game where you make plenty of hot drinks for your patrons, whilst listening to their stories and problems. It's a very relaxing game that you can choose to take at your own pace. Read my review here!

Little Witch in the Woods

best cozy games to play

Just like Beacon Pines, Little Witch in the woods would be a perfect cozy game to play around the spooky season. You take control of an apprentice witch who accidently strays from her train carriage and gets lost in a mystical woods.

In this game you help the charming villagers and creatures who occupy these mystical forests, by foraging, making potions and using your magic. It’s a cute, charming little game which is perfect to cozy up on the sofa to and explore your inner witch. Do you think Little Witch in the woods is the Best Cozy Game for Autumn? Let me know, by following my Instagram.

A Short Hike

Best cozy games inspired by autumn

If you’re someone who loves going on autumn walks then A Short Hike is the ideal cozy game for you. In this indie adventure game, you take control of Claire, an anthropomorphic bird, who has tasks themselves with getting to the top of a peak.

The game emphasises exploration, and plenty of trial and error, where your success of actually reaching the top of your trail is determined by the amount of golden feathers (stamina) you have and tools that you acquire throughout the way. The graphics are cute, very Wind Waker-esque and the music is so beautiful that you will get lost for a few hours.

Fae Farm

is fae farm worth it

A very new addition to the cozy gaming scene, Fae Farm bears similarities to Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley.

In this game you have to nurture and grow your homestead, as well foster deep relationships with many charming characters along the way. A great thing about this game is that not only is it great for solo players but you can play with your friends and family to create an inviting and unique home together.

Mineko’s Night Market

cozy games to play this autumn

Artist and stylish are the best words that I can use to describe Mineko’s Night Market. Inspired by Japanese culture, matched with a charming art style, this game is a perfect representation of Best Cozy Games for Autumn.

Snuggling up on the sofa, you can enjoy taking control of Mineko who arrives at her new home on a struggling Japanese Island. This autumn inspired game centres around friendship, tradition and many, many cats. If you love studio Ghibli films like Spirited Away, then Mineko’s Night Market is the perfect cozy game to play this autumn.


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