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Best Cozy Games For Winter

With the days getting darker and colder, what perfect timing to bust out your favourite fluffy socks and hide under a blanket whilst playing some cozy games. Here are the Best Cozy Games for Winter. 

best cozy games for winter

Although some people may consider being stuck indoors due to the cold weather a bad thing, I think it’s the perfect time to wrap up warm with a hot drink and play some cute, cozy games on the sofa. To a recluse such as myself, that is my idea of heaven over the winter.

So what better way to celebrate the snowy season than with these aptly themed cozy games. Here are the Best Cozy Games for Winter that you need to play this chilly season. 

Best Cozy Games For Winter 


Animal Crossing 

cozy games to play over winter

Although Animal Crossing can be enjoyed all year round, there is no denying that there is something so magical about December in this game. Whether you’re snuggling up to Animal Crossing: New Horizons or enjoying a cozy retro game, such Wild World, there is no shortage of winter themed activities to keep cozy gamers entertained. 

You can enjoy Toy Day (the game’s version of Christmas), whilst soaking up the snowy scenery of bright lights on cedar trees and actually build snowmen! So this is why Animal Crossing is the Best Cozy Game for Winter! For more Animal Crossing content, go here! 

Stardew Valley 

best cozy winter games

Similar to Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley is the kind of cozy game that can be enjoyed at any time, however it does have a winter season that is very atmospheric. 

The town is covered in a snowy blanket, as a chilling soundtrack blends in with your white scenery, it’s beautiful to look at. In the winter season, players can expect to look after their farm as normal, however can get to enjoy plenty of aptly themed events, such as the three day night market and even the games version of Christmas. Do you think Stardew Valley is the Best Cozy Game for Winter?

Mineko’s Night Market 

best cozy winter switch games

Although Mineko’s Night Market can be considered a cozy game that can be played all year round, the night market aspect really reminds me of Winchester Christmas Market or even Winter Wonderland. 

The combination of the night setting, mixed with the bright lights from all the varied stalls, really takes me back to drinking hot chocolate and eating German Sausages whilst soaking up the Christmas scenery. Instead of heading out this winter, why not snuggle up warm on the sofa and revel in the festivities that Mineko’s Night Market has to offer. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley 

cozy games to play this winter

I honestly think that Disney Dreamlight Valley is the Best Cozy Game for Winter! Although you don’t really experience wintery themed weather in all of the biomes, such as snow, the game is just full of festive furniture that you can make and recipes that you can cook. 

Nothing is more relaxing than snuggling up on the sofa with your Nintendo Switch in hand, a Disney film on in the background whilst you add the spirit of Christmas to your Valley with the plenty of festive themed furniture that can either be crafted, brought or earned in the game. That’s why I personally think that DDLV is one of the Best Cozy Games for WInter- but do you agree?

World of Warcraft 

cozy games to snuggle up with this winter

Can World of Warcraft be considered a cozy game? I think so, read more about What IS Cozy Gaming here! 

The great thing about WOW is that there is so much to do every single day. You can go off and pursue the main story, maybe hit up some side quests, even some world quests, grind for that mount you’ve wanted for so darn long or simply go on transmog runs. Honestly, it’s a fantastic game to lose yourself in.

One thing I love however, apart from Dark Moonfaire, is the amount of seasonal events and activities that take place in the game. The game celebrates its own version of Christmas with the Feast of Winter Veil, where areas are decked out in trees and festive furniture and players can participate in many Christmas themed activities from the comforts of the cozy gaming setups. 

Super Mario Odyssey 

cozy switch games to play 2023

There’s something about platformers that just screams winter for me! Maybe it was because I was a product of the 90’s where platformers were all the rage! Want more Cozy Retro Game suggestions, why not check this out! 

As many cozy gamers unwrap their brand new Nintendo Switch this Christmas, what perfect time to also get one of the Best Cozy Games for Winter- Super Mario Odyssey. Although this game takes place across many climates and locations, including a snowy themed level, it’s probably one of the best cozy games to snuggle up to on Christmas day. It’s actually what I did when I got my Nintendo Switch! 

The Sims

perfect cozy games to play this winter

Whether it’s the original game, or the latest instalment, The Sims series is a great cozy game for winter. With the inclusion of seasons which cover your lot in a blanket of white snow, your sims can partake in wintery themed activities, such as ice skating, building snowmen and even snowball fights. It just screams winter! 

The Sims also has the addition of Christmas, also known as Winterfest included too, where players can indulge in all the festive cheer that the holiday has to offer. It’s a great game to lose yourself in, especially if you’re from the UK and don’t really get much of a winter! Do you think The Sims series is one of the Best Cozy Games for Winter?


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