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Ideas To Level Up YOUR Cozy Retro Games Room

Read more to find out how to create the perfect cozy retro games room. Even on a tight budget!

cozy retro games room

A long time ago, I was a casual content creator in the UK retro gaming community, sharing my love for video games of my childhood (which were mainly SEGA or PS1 titles) with many other like minded people. At the time I was known as ‘Sarahsgamecollection’, posting in front of my small game collection that I had built up from scratch since I was a kid- until the unfortunate circumstance of losing my shitty HR job resulted in me having to sell it off just to keep a roof over my head.

Now I’ve always wanted a dedicated games room. One that truly resembled the cozy, safe feeling I would have as a kid playing video games. I wanted a cozy retro game room filled with plenty of arcade units, glow in the dark carpet and all of my childhood consoles hooked up to a row of old school TV’s.

How to Create The Perfect Cozy Retro Games Room

As I know plenty of my readers are from the retro gaming community, I know there are plenty of you who would love to look up inspiration for creating that perfect cozy retro games room! Well, I am here to share my possible thoughts and ideas with you.


cozy retro game room ideas
Image: @Ivon via Unsplash

Unfortunately consoles of the past won’t function on most modern TV’s sets- if all of them. (I’ve not had a modern TV set that has old colour or aerial connections on the back)- so you might want to invest in a CRT TV aka an old tele. These chunky units of the past will typically have all the ports that you need to hook up your consoles- usually with the use of an adapter, but I must stress that I’m not an expert on this.

All of my consoles as a kid were hooked up by my dad, even today, my partner is the one who deals with the technological side of things as I always mess it up.

If you can’t get your hands on a CRT TV (as they are hard to get a hold of), then you can always invest in some RCA to HDMI cables which allows you to hook up your old consoles to your modern television sets.

Arcade Cabinets

It might be hard to get your hands on the original arcade units, especially for a reasonable price, but that's where Numskull Designs come in. They have found a gap in the retro gaming market and have given all of us arcade loving gamers a chance to enjoy original arcade gaming again, at a fraction of a price.

These mini arcade units are designed to the highest standard, replicating the real thing perfectly- both in appearance and how it plays. I've had the pleasure many times playing with these units at conventions and events and I can't stress enough, how amazing they are. Not only will you have hours of fun playing with these units, but they look so good in any cozy retro games room.


kallax retro game consoles
Image: @Unsplash

Book cases and storage units are everything when it comes to creating the perfect cozy retro games room. I'm sure most gamers are familiar with the clean, sleek appearance of an Ikea Kallax unit. Although I'm sure alot of people are sick of seeing these in any gamers room, but I must stress that these units are deep and are perfect for displaying your individual units.

Best of all, unlike a stereotypical book case, these are sturdy enough to either stand up horizontially or even vertically. I have a Kallax unit where it's displayed upright, which works perfectly in my living room.

Decorative Rugs

Obviously this is optional, however i am a firm believer in having decorative rugs in the home. They really help to create a cozy atmosphere to any room and what better way to do that than with a game themed one for your cozy games room.

There are many to choose from on Amazon, however I really think that this arcade inspired rug would make the perfect additon to any cozy retro games room. Who else from the 80's and 90's remember the excitement of drinking slushies in an arcade? I'm sure many of you do and many of you will have a trip down memory lane just looking at this nostalgic rug!

Lights! Lights! Lights!

retro game room lighting ideas

If the electricity bill isn't an issue for you in this cost of living crisis, but investing in plenty of video game themed lights and displaying them on either walls or your units would be the perfect way of creating the ultimate cozy retro games toom.

Just like the rugs, there are so many different lighting ideas and setups that you can try to match your decor perfectly.


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