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Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games

Want to know what the Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games are? Read on to find out more. 

best snow levels in cozy games

Recently I blogged about the Best Cozy Games for Winter and this got me thinking about normal cozy games that have snow themed levels in them, how the snow and the overall atmosphere can really capture the overall feel of winter. 

From your typical farming simulators to 3D platformers and even cozy retro games, I’ve put together a small list of the Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games. If you love cozy games, why not check out more from my cozy gaming blog? I write about all types of cozy games every week, from Cozy Games on Xbox Game Pass and even Cozy Retro Games suggestions. 

Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games 


Snowpoint City (Pokemon)

snow levels in cozy games

Located in the Sinnoh Region in the Pokemon series, Snowpoint City is virtually winter incarnate. It is described as being a winter wonderland of a city where stout trees and buildings are blanketed in thick snow, so it definitely feels like you're playing one of the Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games. 

As it is described, everything is covered in a thick layer of snow that you have to wade through, and it really makes you want to just cozy up next to a roaring fire with some hot cocoa and your favourite Pokemon. 

Winter (Stardew Valley) 

best snow themed levels in cozy games

Stardew Valley is the perfect cozy game to play all year round due to its exploration of all four seasons, with winter being no exception. Throughout 28 days of in-game winter, you are treated to the whole of the town being covered in a blanket of snow whilst some airy music plays, really capturing the tone of a cold winter perfectly. 

Although plants might be dormant and harvesting crops might be on the back burner until spring, at least there are a few fun events that take place during this time, like the Festival of Ice, their version of Christmas called the Feast of the Winter Star, and my personal favourite the Night Market. Although plants might be dormant and harvesting crops might be on the back burner until spring, at least there 

Winter (Animal Crossing)

snow levels in video games

Just like Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing is the type of cozy game that really indulges in all of the seasons, however unlike the previous game on this list, Animal Crossing is enjoyed in real time. 

Throughout December and January, your island is smothered in snow and cedar trees are decorated with aptly themed fairy lights to really capture the wintery mood perfectly. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but the winter season has some of the best events, such as Toy Day and even a New Years Eve event where you can welcome the new year ahead. There is a reason why Animal Crossing has the Best Snow Themed Level is Cozy Games. 

Frosted Heights (Disney Dreamlight Valley) 

snow themed levels in cozy games

If you read my last post, Best Cozy Games for Winter, you would know that I fully recommend this cozy game for the colder months due to how easy it is to snuggle up on the sofa on a cold evening. 

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you have a few biomes you can explore and decorate, with one of them being Frosted Heights, which you can probably guess is smothered in a blanket of snow. Here you can fully embrace the winter, and even decorate it to be a whimsical winter wonderland. Do you think that this is one of the Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games?

Cossack Village (Croc 2)

cozy retro games list

Croc 2 is a 3D platformer and an adorable cozy retro game that I recommend for the PS1. Here you can explore different themed villages and help out the Gobbos, including Cossack Village, which is the second place that you visit. 

This village is always cold, where the ground and trees are covered with layers of snow and where the Gobbos mimic Russian Cossacks in their appearance. Unlike the previous mentions, where the levels feel homely, Cossack Village has a sense of emptiness where everyone here just seemingly puts up with the winter and what it brings. 

Winter Tundra (Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer) 

best snow themed levels in cozy games

Yet another cozy retro game, Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer features many themed levels and hub worlds to explore and save from the grips of the main antagonist- Ripto. 

The last hub world that you can liberate from Ripto’s clutches is Winter Tundra, which almost has a whimsical edge to its winter theme. Stars shine brightly in the night sky, allowing the player to soak up the cozy lights of the castle and revel in the snowy landscape. Although everything is smothered in a thick blanket of snow, it feels very wintery and is probably one of the Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games. 

Shiveria Town (Mario Odyssey) 

best snow themed levels in cozy games

Although there are many snow themed levels from plenty of Mario titles that I could have chosen from, for example, Cool Cool Mountain from Mario 64, I truly think that Shiveria Town from Mario Odyssey is one of the Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games. 

Everything in this world is smothered in snow and ice, forcing Mario and the NPC’s to dress themselves in warmer clothing to protect themselves against the harsh elements. Although the environment is very cold, the community itself is not, in fact the snow kingdom is described to be rather warm and welcoming, and who wouldn’t want that?! 

Mt Komorebi (The Sims 4: Snowy Escape) 

best snow themed levels in cozy games

Despite the many game packs and expansion packs that The Sims 4 has to offer, I always feel like it's a series that gets overlooked in lists like these. 

Inspired by two Japanese locations, Honshū and Hokkaido, Mt. Komorebi celebrates plenty of awesome Japanese culture whilst including many snow themed activities that sims can do all year round, including snowboarding and trekking up a mountain. Although it’s not a traditionally winter themed level, I would still class it as one of the Best Snow Themed Levels in Cozy Games. 

Shiver Snowfields (New Pokemon Snap)

best snow themed levels in cozy games

New Pokemon Snap is a relaxing cozy game for the Nintendo Switch that I fully recommend. In New Pokemon Snap, the player is tasked with collecting plenty of pictures of various Pokemon that occupy the island. The game features many idyllic locations for the player to explore in the NEO-ONE, with one being Shiver Snowfields. 

Shiver Snowfields is basically a forest smothered in a blanket of thick white snow, where plenty of ice type Pokemon roam free, such as Beatic and Alolan Vulpix. Not only do I recommend New Pokemon Snap for its relaxing and highly immersive gameplay, but i also recommend it as it has one of the Best Snow Themed Levels in a Pokemon game. 

Glitterglaze Glacier (Yooka-Laylee) 

best snow themed levels in cozy games

Although farming simulators and casual narrative games always get recommended for cozy gamers, I really do think cutesy, 3D platformers like this were some of the original cozy games out there. Read my post of Best Cozy Games that Aren’t Farming! 


Taking inspiration from Banjo Kazooie, this title sees the two protagonists try and retrieve their book after it was taken from them. Yooka-Laylee explores many different environments and locations, including Glitterglaze Glacier, the game’s snow themed level of this game. It’s an icy world that has igloos, ice caves and much much more. 


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