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7 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers For Cozy Gamers

Here are some of the Best Nintendo Switch Controllers For Cozy Gamers. Read on to find out more.

best cozy gaming controllers for Nintendo Switch

There is no denying that the Nintendo Switch is the ‘poster child’ for cozy gaming. It’s portable and hosts plenty of adorable, cozy games which is perfect for playing just about anywhere. Whether you’re cozying up at home, or playing on the go.

Docked or handheld, the Nintendo Switch is a great console for many cozy gamers of all ages, however, one thing I and many cozy gamers struggle with is the small joy cons, with many of us opting to buy an additional controller to make the overall gaming experience better.

However it’s important if you’re trying to coordinate your cozy gaming setup that your controllers match your switch. In this blog post I give you some of the Best Nintendo Switch Controllers that can match your cozy gaming setup perfectly.

Best Nintendo Switch Controllers For Cozy Gamers

IINE Cat Controller for Nintendo Switch

peach cat controller for Nintendo Switch

Available in either a blue or pink, this cat inspired controller by IINE is perfect for visually enhancing your gaming experience on the NIntendo Switch. With a fast wireless connection, this cute controller responds quickly and connects fast to your Nintendo Switch, allowing for more cozy gaming. It also has motion controls and vibrations built in too, which is ideal for many games that require those types of features to be enabled.

Mint Green Wireless Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo switch controllers for cozy gamers

Perfect for both the Nintendo Switch or PC, this beautiful mint green wireless pro controller is ideal for cozy gamers who have a more earthy, botanical cozy gaming setup as the muted colours blend perfect with woodgrain finishes and plants. Advertised as wireless, this controller only needs a couple of batteries to connect wireless to any Nintendo Switch or PC (that has that functionality). It didn’t say anything about motion or vibrations being included though!

PowerA Nintendo Switch Controller- Pikachu Electric Type

best nintendo switch controllers for cozy gamers

There’s a reason why PowerA is one of the only companies to sell official Nintendo technology. Budget friendly, PowerA’s wired controllers are perfect for all cozy gamers as they come in a wide selection of colours, finishes and mascots to allow you to cater your controller to your ideal experience and set up. The only downside to this controller, apart from being wired, is that there is no motion or vibration feature- which can make playing certain games difficult.

PowerA Nintendo Switch Controller- Animal Crossing

animal crossing pro controller

Although I wanted to offer a variety of different brands and styles of controller for your cozy gaming setup, I really couldn’t resist including this wired Animal Crossing controller from PowerA. Just like the previous recommendation it doesn’t have the functionality to support vibrations or motion controllers, making certain games difficult to play, however, as many cozy games don’t rely on this to play, you should be fine.

Powerlead Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

racoon nintendo switch controller cozy gaming accessories

This racoon inspired Nintendo Switch controller has been a popular feature on many cozy gaming Tik Tok and instagram videos over the past year. Initially available in brown, seemingly inspired by Tom Nook, the company has branched out to offer a different colour- pink. This colour would be ideal for a lot of kawaii and cute, pink cozy gaming setups out there.

Pink Bear Shaped Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

cute pink cozy gaming  controllers

Perfect for both the Nintendo Switch or PC, this cute, pink bear shaped controller will sit nicely in any pink cozy gaming setup, although they also sold a yellow version which isn’t no longer available online for some reason. This controller connects wireless to any console and most gaming rigs, fully supporting gyro controls too. I would recommend getting this for any cozy gamer who loves pink and/ or bears.

Animal Crossing Inspired Wireless Nintendo Switch Controller

best contollers for cozy gamers

If you were one of the lucky ones to have brought the limited edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch, then this unofficial wireless controller would match it perfectly. Connecting wirelessly to the console, cozy gamers can easily play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on something that looks visually appealing and is comfortable to hold.

7 Best Nintendo Switch Controllers For Cozy Gamers


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