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Video Game Themed Wedding Ideas

It’s Wedding season! Which means plenty of people are going to be getting engaged, planning their weddings or better yet actually getting married! So what better way to get in the mood than listing some awesome video game themed wedding ideas.

video game wedding ideas

It’s been a year since I was proposed to by my partner of five years, and I STILL don’t feel like a ‘bride-to-be’ who is planning her special day with excitement, which is weird. I have waited for this moment my entire life and I can’t seem to rustle up an ounce of excitement for our big day. Maybe it’s because it’s taken too long to get to this point and I’m at a stage in my life now, where I don’t really share the same enthusiasm I once did in my twenties, also I just know that I won’t be able to afford the wedding day that I would like- so maybe that’s a contributing factor too haha!

However, if I were to plan my ideal wedding without any financial restrictions, it would still be untraditional and have a video game inspired theme! So this post is for all my happily engaged gamers who are planning their special day, here are some awesome suggestions!

Arcade Wedding Reception

Your reception is the place that’s going to be the most memorable event- apart from the actual ceremony of course! So as true gamers, why not hold your after party in an arcade or bar that caters to video games? I know it’s not going to be as ‘fancy’ as an idyllic barn dressed in pink balloons and silk ribbons, but what more could you ask for? Pizza, beer, video games, surrounded by your loved one is the perfect wedding reception if you ask me.

Video Game Themed Wedding Cake

video game themed wedding cake ideas

There are endless possibilities when it comes to your wedding cake, and plenty of bakers and specialists can customise a cake that truly captures the overall theme of any wedding. So whether you’re going for a Stardew Valley inspired wedding or one that reflects you and your partner’s love for Super Mario, there are many design options and flavours to choose from. Why not be extra nerdy and use amiibo figures as cake toppers?


Thinking about who to invite to your wedding might be a hard task for most people, not to mention picking out the best invitations to actually send to potential guests. So as a gamer, why not send out unique video game inspired invitations? With so many designs available on etsy, you can kick start your wedding in true style.

Video Game Wedding Rings

From thinking about the reception to the fine details on your wedding cake, you may have forgotten about your wedding rings! A commonly overlooked edition, wedding rings are there to represent your love and commitment to your marriage. There are plenty of beautiful wedding and even engagement rings that are etsy that are even themed around certain franchises, like the Legend of Zelda. Whatever ring you choose, make sure it reflects you and your spouse perfectly.

Video Game Themed Wedding Outfits

Some consider the outfits the most important part of the wedding, with the wedding dress itself often being the main talking point at ANY wedding! So why not stand out and be unique with an outfit inspired by your favourite video game franchise. There are plenty of inspiration that have donned a unique wedding outfit- just look at Bowser and Princess Peach, they looked amazing for their big day! Hell, why not get you and your guests dress up in cosplay, make it fun!

Pokemon Themed Bouquet

Usually capturing the theme of any wedding, they are usually crafted from fake or real flowers and are a staple to any bride’s outfit. If you’re having a gamer themed wedding, why not carry a bunch of piranha plants or perhaps opt for some silky pokeball themed flowers?

These are a few suggestions. I love looking at unique wedding ideas and I hope that this has inspired you when it comes to planning your wedding!


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