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The Best 3DS games of all time.

Despite rather lack lustre sales at the start of its lifespan, I would say that the 3DS has become one the most successful handhelds of all time with it selling over 75 million units collectively over the years.

With improved graphics to its predecessor, a better control scheme, the ability to experience the game in 3D and a wide range of impressive games-it was clear to see why the 3DS was very popular amongst gamers.

However with Nintendo closing the eshop in March of this year, it will no longer be possible to download games directly onto your handheld, meaning you'll have to scope out the web to find a physical copy of a game.

It also ends the possibility of being able to play older games too. I only hope that with this closure that Nintendo will aim to bring this to their current console- but with the way the company has treated their fans these past few years, I won't hold my breath.

If you're looking at getting a 3DS this year, don't feel discouraged, it's still an awesome handheld to own and if you're looking to build your collection from scratch, then check out this list as I go through the best 3DS games of all time!


The Best 3DS games of all time!

the best 3ds games of all time

Being the release title, this remake of the N64 classic definiately deserves to be on the list.

Not only does the game look amazing with updated graphics, made even more stunning by the 3D feature but the whole inventory system has been changed, meaning that equipping items has become more seamless.

Not that this game NEEDS an introduction, but you take control of Link aka the hero of time, as you are tasked with rescuing Hyrule from Gannondorf who aims to plunge the kingdom in utter chaos. It's a beautiful action adventure game that with updated graphics, just captures the story perfectly.

best 3ds games of all time

The 3DS has many Pokemon titles under his belt and while I would recommend any of them (of course, I'm a Pokemon fan girl), Sun and Moon are titles that I think deserves more love.

Taking place in the Alolan region, inspired by Hawaii, the game is stunning to look at and introduces many new Pokemon, including Alolan variants of one's we already know.

The game expands on the traditional formula in this fully 3D title with controls that are responsive and graphics that are just so stunning.

If you can get your hands on Ultra Sun/ Moon, even better, as the gameplay has been expanded upon even more- but it's not needed.

the best 3ds games of all time

Overall the Professor Layton games are very underappreciated titles and my personal favourite happens to be Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.

You follow Professor Layton and friends, as you arrive in the colourful city of Monte d'Or to investigate some very strange happenings linked to a mysterious figure in a mask. The game is very similar to the others in which you progress the story by participating in numerous puzzles and finally uncover the game's mysteries.

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Probably the BEST out of the entire series, Animal Crossing: New Leaf paved the way for what the series has become today.

In New Leaf you take on the role of mayor and can shape the town to suit your wants and desires by dictating ordinances, placement of outdoor furnishings and even the overall appearance of your town.

Like all the other games, it's a very laid back game in which you can catch fish and bugs, socialize with other animal villagers and just relax lose yourself in the content of your town.

Unlike the recent game, I feel like New Leaf not only has more fulfiliing content but has a lot of feel good energy that can make you feel settled.

There's always this debate of what's better- the quick paced platforming of 2D Mario games or the open exploration of 3D Mario games?

Super Mario 3D Land takes this argument and effortlessly blends the two together in this fun and colourful upbeat platformer. The game also makes use of the 3D perspective too, helping the player make more precise jumps.

Unfortunately the 3DS didn't really have a full 3D Mario title but this game more than makes up for it with it's exciting gameplay that let's you somewhat explore the many fun-packed levels!

cozygaming cozy gaming

In short Tomodachi life is a weird but hilariously funny game.

It's a social simulation title in which you basically are big brother of your own island and observe Mii's that you've created who have moved into an apartment complex.

You can play, feed, talk to them and progress their lifestories. Watch them get married, have children, have fights. It's quirky and unusual but it's a very charming game that will have you entertained for hours.

A spin off of the original series, Detective Pikachu is an adventure game in which you control a boy named Tim and work alongside this coffee-addicted, womanizinng Pikachu to solve various crimes.

Together you will collect evidence and talk to witnesses to uncover clues. If you're a fan of the film, you will already like this game! It's got the stylistic charm of the franchise whilst being an entertaining stand alone title.

The best 3ds games of all time

Released in 2012, Mario Kart 7 is the best selling 3DS game of all time, selling over 18 million units to date and it's clear to see why it's so popular.

The game supports offers 32 tracks, a mixture of new and retro tracks, which are fun to play through. Even if you don't play with other people and choose to play alone, this game is an excitng racer on the handheld that can be addicting, despite telling yourself this was meant to be 'just a quick game'.

A follow up to the Gamecube classic, Dark Moon has the player take control of Luigi once again as he explores various different mansions, solving puzzles and capturing ghosts in his poltergust 5000.

It's a lighthearted approach to a creepy genre, that makes you feel safe as you explore these haunted locations as Mario's green clad brother.


These are just a few of the best 3DS games you can buy physically RIGHT NOW, for your handheld. Although we have Nintendo's current console, the switch, with more modern and more variety of cozy games, I think it's good to visit games that were released a whille ago.

If you're not sure as to whether you should buy a 3DS in 2023, then check out my recent post- Is the Nintendo 3DS worth it 2023.


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