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New Cozy Games on Xbox Gamepass

Calling cozy gamers, Microsoft have added yet more cozy games to Xbox Gamepass. If you own a Xbox, why not check out this long list of cozy games you can currently play.

cozy games on xbox game pass 2023

I’ve said it time and time again, but Xbox Gamepass is a fantastic option for cozy gamers on a budget. For as little as £7.99 a month, cozy gamers can have access to a whole catalogue of popular, even the latest cozy games.

So why not consider investing in a new Xbox Series X/S and trying out Xbox Gamepass so that you can take advantage of some amazing cozy games- including these newly released cozy games that you can now play if you have Xbox Gamepass!

New Cozy Games On Xbox Gamepass.

Coral Island

is coral island a cozy game on game pass?

For cozy gamers who are a fan of Stardew Valley, however are getting bored with the same mundane tasks of handling the ongoing responsibility of your Grandfather’s derelict farm, why not consider switching to Coral Island?

This cozy game was released on Xbox Gamepass in November 2023, and is a vibrant and rather laid-back reimagining of the farming sim genre. In Coral Island the player can live at their own pace by nurturing animals, building meaningful relationships, living off of the land and making the world around you more vibrant and harmonious.


cozy games on gamepass

Another cozy game that was added to Xbox Gamepass upon its initial release, Spirittea is an enchanting blend of a life sim and RPG that bears resemblance to Spirit Away, with influence of Stardew Valley felt in the gameplay and graphics.

In this adorable game, you play as a writer who escapes the busy city and relocates to the countryside in order to find inspiration for their next novel. You live day to day, trying to help the local NPC’s and spirits, whilst taking part in various fun activities, such as karaoke and bug catching.

Mineko’s Night Market

mineko night market on game pass

Mineko’s Night Market is the perfect cozy game on Xbox Gamepass that you can play right now. It’s a narrative driven business management and adventure game that sees the player move to a new countryside town that celebrates Japanese culture and cats!

In this cute, adorable cozy game, you play as Mineko, a young girl who moves to a new town with her father, where the superstitious locals worship the Sun Cat, Nikko, who is more of a legend passed down through stories these days. Through daily activities such as crafting items and helping out the locals, you will aid in restoring the town to its former glory whilst also uncovering its secrets. Mineko’s Night Market is certainly a must play cozy game currently on Xbox Gamepass.

Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery

cozy games on xbox game pass

A bit of a different cozy game, Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery, is a family friendly yet witty take on the detective genre. Initially released in 2022, this cozy game was recently added on Xbox Gamepass, allowing us to experience the fun and chaos that this game has to offer.

You play as a frog detective who has to solve three thrilling mysteries! As the 2nd best detective in the game, you must uncover evidence with your seemingly useless magnifying glass and question silly suspects to get the bottom of each case.

A Short Hike

is a short hike on xbox game pass

Here’s an amazing cozy game that got added to Xbox Gamepass in November! A short Hike sees the player take control of Claire, an anthropomorphic bird, who has tasks themselves with getting to the top of a peak.

The game emphasises exploration, and plenty of trial and error, where your success of actually reaching the top of your trail is determined by the amount of golden feathers (stamina) you have and tools that you acquire throughout the way. The graphics are cute, very Wind Waker-esque and the music is so beautiful that you will get lost for a few hours.

Spirit of the North

cozy games on game pass

Initially released in 2019, Spirit of the North is an adventure cozy game that recently got added in Xbox Gamepass this month, following off the recent trailer of its sequel that was announced in October 2023.

Heavily inspired by Finnish folklore, mainly around the legend of Tulikettu, the game sees the player control a fox that gains powers from a spirit after it collapses from exhaustion. Similar to games like Journey and Little Nightmares, Spirit of the North has no dialogue or narration and instead relies heavily on its stunning visuals and music to carry the player through the fox’s journey.


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