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Cozy Retro Games: The Sims 1 (Console) Review

Embrace nostalgia with The Sims 1 Console - a cozy retro game that creates cherished memories in the original virtual dollhouse. Read more.

the sims 1 console

Video games are a form of escapism for me. Controller in hand, I can be anyone I want to be and explore unimaginable locations whilst I live out scenarios that are far detached from my own reality. Even if I were to play a game that was grounded in reality, say like, The Sims, I would still find a form of immersive escapism in this game.

My first simming experience happened to be on the PS2, when The Sims 1 was released on console back in the early 2000’s. I mean I KNEW of the franchise and had always wanted to play this virtual dollhouse style of game, however my dad didn’t ever allow us to boot up the old PC that took up space in my bedroom.That was never allowed to be on, just cos’.

the sims 1 for playstation 2

The Sims for consoles was the first console game of the franchise to be released, and was the first to introduce a three dimensional camera and environment. It was initially released in 2003 for the Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube and original Xbox. Taking inspiration from the PC ports and expansion packs, such as ‘Livin’ Large’, The Sims 1 (Console) is a more watered down version that works well with what the hardware limitations that it had at the time.

The Sims1 (Console) is primarily mission based, with two different game modes:

  • Get A Life mode has a series of objectives and advances from house to house.

  • Play The Sims mode is essentially the PC free play mode on the consoles.

As much as I love playing out my own story at my own pace in an open sandbox style, there is something so fun about completing the many tasks in Get A Life. You start up couch surfing at your Mom’s house, who nags you to get a job, get some skills and move out of her place (finally). Here you have to do the adult thing of making friends, progressing up the career ladder, getting married and having kids. The simple thing that many of us sim playing, cozy gaming millennial’s dreamed about as a teenager.

the sims 1 console ports

In Get A Life, the story progresses when the player completes several different tasks, such as getting promoted, cleaning up the house, and having x amount of friends. Completion of these goals will either unlock furniture or clothing that is currently locked (for both Get A Life and Play The Sims modes), or allow you to move out into a bigger and better home, where the whole process starts again.

Although it may sound annoying having to earn some of your key furniture items, honestly there is something so addictive about working towards a task and hearing that hypnotising jingle once you’ve completed it. So satisfying.

Play The Sims mode isn’t any different from the PC counterpart version, albeit it is very watered down. You only occupy one floor as there are no stairs and there is an object limiter in place, which limits the amount of objects one lot can have, due to the hardware limitations of the consoles of that time.

the sims 1 console cheats

The Sims 1 console vs PC

The Sims 1 for Playstation 2, Xbox and Gamecube may sound like a simplified version of the PC original, but overall it does feel and play differently and despite there being limitations in place and you do feel its presence looming on your lovely suburban home, it’s a completely fun and free experience that allowed many gamers who didn’t own a capable PC to enjoy The Sims franchise.

Graphically, I would argue that The Sims 1 console was far superior than the PC version, as everything was clean and clear.This was amplified by the fully 3 dimensional camera that allowed you to freely zoom in and out and turn, which wasn’t present in the original series.

cozy retro games

So what makes The Sims 1 Console a Cozy Retro Game?

Considering that even today The Sims 4 franchise is beloved by many cozy gamers out there, it’s very easy to put The Sims 1 console in the cozy retro games category. Yes, this may feel different to the series that we’re used to, but its objective based gameplay really makes up for the hardware limitations that it was under at the time.

When I was a teenager, there was something so cozy and comfortable in playing The Sims 1 on my Playstation 2 after a hard school day. I must have invested hours of my sheer loneliness into this game as I actually damaged the disc beyond repair.

cozy retro games recommendations

Frequently Asked Questions:

What consoles was The Sims 1 released on?

Originally The Sims 1 was released on the Playstation 2, but was then ported to the Nintendo Gamecube and original Xbox later.

Are there any cheats for The Sims 1 console?

Yes. Although you can’t Motherlode your way to riches in this game, there are a few cheats included in the console version which allows your sim to live more…. Comfortably.

(Side note: I remember calling up a hotline to get these cheat codes back in the day. Boy, my parents were mad at me)

At the main menu, press and hold all of the shoulder buttons at once to activate the cheat menu, for example, L1, L2, R1, R2 for the Playstation 2.

In the cheat menu, enter any of the following codes:

FISH EYE- Allows for the player to enter first person mode on a selected sim.

FREEALL- Makes all items free. However, bills and services will still need to be paid.

MIDAS- Unlocks all items that you would have to earn in Get A Life.

SIMS- Unlocks ‘Play The Sims’ mode without having to unlock it.


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