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Cozy N64 Games To Add To Your Cozy Retro Collection

#Gamersunite. Here is a list of some of the best cozy N64 games to add to your cozy retro collection!

cozy n64 games

There’s just something so cozy about older games and consoles- let me set the scene. Who among my readers remembers waking up on a Saturday as a kid in the 90’s, and just turning on that big chunky N64? How comfortable and cozy did you feel at that moment playing games like Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64? 

It’s why I write about cozy retro games, because I know just how they can invoke a sense of comfort in the older generation. We’ve already been there and done it, and love reliving out retro gaming childhood today as adults! 

Growing up, I was always on Team Sega and moved onto the PS1, however even I can’t deny being blown away by the N64 when I played Super Mario 64 around my aunt's house. There are many key moments in my life that I’ve had with the N64 that I just had to put together a list of Cozy N64 Games. 

Who else has deep memories linked to this console?

Cozy N64 Games To Add To Your Cozy Retro Collection


Super Mario 64

cozy retro games

Super Mario 64 is one of the ultimate cozy retro games out there, it’s also one of the best cozy N64 games that you need to add to your collection. If you’re a fan of 3D platformers, and love 3D Mario games, then I highly recommend this game, the game that started it all. 

In Super Mario 64, you’re tasked with collecting power stars that have been hidden away by Bowser in several paintings in Princess Peach’s castle.The game features many different themed worlds and obstacles that are fun and memorable to play through. I mean who doesn’t remember being spooked for the first time when you see Boo on the other end of the corridor?

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TIme 

cozy nintendo 64

This is the game that started it all for me, and I’m sure many millennial gamers can agree too! 

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a perfect example of a cozy retro game. In this game, you play as Link, as you have to guide our silent, green clothed protagonist through the Kingdom of Hyrule and save the kingdom from the evil clutches on Ganon, as you race against the clock to obtain the Triforce. 

This cozy N64 game will have you venture into many dangerous dungeons and interact with plenty of interesting people, but the main thing that I think is awesome is the introduction of a day to night cycle- which not only affects the way the whole kingdom looks, but how it plays too. I still remember arriving in Kakariko Village just as the sun was setting, and just wishing that I lived here as the place was so cozy! 

Banjo Kazooie 

chill n64 games

The 90’s were just filled with plenty of cute and cozy 3D platformers, so we were never in short supply, and I highly recommend Banjo Kazooie to any cozy retro gamer looking for a platformer that oozes the same quirkness as Yooka-Laylee. 

In this cozy N64 game, you control both Banjo (a bear), and Kazooie (a bird), as you both have to save Banjo’s sister, Tooty from an evil green witch called Gruntilda who wishes to steal her youth and beauty. To do this you have to progress through Gruntilda’s lair and the various worlds within it and collect numerous items such as golden jigsaw pieces and music notes that will aid the player in progressing throughout their quest. 

Right now you can play this game for free if you happen to own Xbox Game Pass, so I highly recommend it if you're looking to relive your childhood again. 

Pokemon Snap 

pokemon gif

If you enjoyed New Pokemon Snap that was released in 2021, then I highly recommend that you play the original N64 version too! In this cozy retro game, you play as Todd from the original Pokemon anime and are tasked by Professor Oak to go around the Island and snap up photographs in their natural habitat. 

Although the graphics may look a little dated in comparison to modern times, there is no denying that this cozy N64 game is very relaxing to play and doesn’t require much. All you do is switch off, enjoy the music, enjoy the surroundings and snap up some photographs of some adorable Pokemon. 

Pokemon Stadium 

Pokemon stadium gif

Yet another Pokemon game to enter this list, but nonetheless another cozy retro game that I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a Pokemon game that doesn’t have much of a story, where you only battle in a stadium and play some mini games, then Pokemon Stadium might be the perfect cozy N64 game to add to your collection. 

Although the graphics may look outdated by today’s standard, the game itself is still a nice little spin off of the original formula, and it’s fun just to button mash your way to victory with some of the mini games. 

Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt

cozy retro games n64

I know that Rugrats: Search For Reptar is still going to be the best Rugrats video game of that particular franchise, but Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt captured the feel of the overall feel of the cartoon, whilst providing an entertaining and fun little board game that can be played either by yourself or with a friend. 

In this cozy N64 game, you have to collect the most of a specific item that is linked to that board. You can do this by landing on a specific square and searching the environment around you. Although the game isn’t exactly Mario Party levels, boasting plenty of boards or even mini games to enjoy, the Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt is still the perfect game to play if you’re looking to snuggle up on the sofa. 

Super Mario Kart 64 

cozy n64 games to play

Originally released in 1997, Super Mario 64 is the perfect cozy N64 game to play if you’re looking for a simple but fun kart racing game to kill the time. The game features four different game modes: Grand Prix, Time Trial, Versus and Battle, where some modes can be enjoyed alone against the CPU, while others require a friend. 

The game is very dated when compared to Mario Kart 8. The graphics are very much it’s time and the courses are very simplistic, however if you’re an adult looking to relive that cozy, warm fuzzy feeling that you felt as a kid, then I highly recommend you plugging this game back in and reliving the safety of your childhood once again. 

Harvest Moon 64 

retro cozy games

I would argue and say that Harvest Moon was one of the original cozy games out there, originally starting out on the SNES back in the early 90’s. So if you’re a fan of games farming simulators, and love games like Stardew Valley, why not go back to its source of inspiration? 

In this cozy N64 game, you have to restore and maintain an abandoned farm left to you by your grandfather. This obviously includes planting and tending crops, as well as animals like cows. The game also features a lot of side quests and festivals that the player can partake in side quests and festivals too. So if you’re looking for a cozy retro game then I highly recommend Harvest Moon 64. Good thing is, this game is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch Online. 

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