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Cozy Games On Xbox Gamepass June 2023

Can you believe it’s now June?! Where has this year gone? We all know what the beginning of the month means for us cozy gamers. That’s right, five more cozy games that you can play right now on Gamepass!

cozy games on gamepass

Whether you’re new to cozy gaming or on a budget, I highly suggest investing in a Xbox Series S and getting yourself a monthly Gamepass subscription. There are a few tiers available, meaning that you can tailor your experience to your budget.

I personally go for their highest tier which is only £10.99 per month and this allows me to not only play an unlimited amount of games on my Xbox, but also allows me to play on the PC too- should I want to.

Also, sometimes Microsoft will offer new subscribers to try Xbox Gamepass for only £1 for their first month, letting gamers have a taste as to what Gamepass has to offer!

As someone who is always on a budget but wants to play a variety of games, Xbox Gamepass gives me that possibility. Since getting my Xbox Series S in 2022, I’ve probably only purchased a handful of games as the rest of them have been via Gamepass.

So with my love for cozy games, combined with my first hand knowledge of Xbox Gamepass, I decided to put together yet another five cozy games you need to play in June.


Cassette Beasts

Almost resembling the glory days of past Pokemon games, such Ruby/Sapphire, Cassette Beasts is a RPG that has the player exploring the world and transforming into beasts via a cassette player. VERY Pokemon-esque.

Your character wakes up on the beach of a strange world, and with the help of the townsfolk, has to find your way home. The game is played in a third person, overhead style and presents stunning graphics. Even if you’re not a fan of the Pokemon franchise, Cassette Beasts is worth looking into- especially if you have Gamepass.

If you ARE a fan of Pokemon, why not check out my new site Here, you can find plenty of helpful guides, TCG pulls and reviews.

Cooking SImulator

If you’re looking to explore the kitchen and cook some awesome meals using real life techniques, then Cooking Simulator might be the game you want to try this month for Xbox Gamepass.

In this first person simulation game your goal is to reach a level of fame in the restaurant business by cooking up a storm in the kitchen. There’s currently 80 recipes to choose from, which need to be prepared and cooked from scratch and with a wide selection of ingredients and techniques you have to learn, there’s going to be plenty of fun errors made.

Garden Story

Released in July 2022, Garden Story is an action RPG, which sees the player take control of an adorable grape, called Concord who must travel across the land and destroy something called the rot, as it’s preventing the growth of new greenlings.

Armed with a sword, hammer and dowsing rod, Concord must defeat enemies and gather resources to further upgrade his weapons. Blending in with the top down perspective of gameplay is the striking, colourful visuals and stellar soundtrack and it’s the perfect alternative for players who desire to play something similar to Wonderboy or 2D Zelda titles.

This cozy game has been on Gamepass now for a while, so I would suggest you play this asap, before they probably take this from the library.

My Time At Portia

Let’s face it, this game isn’t new to those in the cozy gaming community, in fact it tends to be a game that is frequently suggested by cozy content creators, however, did you know that it’s available on Gamepass?

My Time At Portia is an Action RPG simulation game which follows the story of a group of humans who emerge from underground and have to rebuild their society after it got destroyed. The player must gather resources and create items, which can further be submitted for money, town favour and rewards. It’s a game that is very similar to Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley, but has a strong purpose, and isn’t just your typical farming simulator.

Homestead Arcana

Released in April of this year, Homestead Arcana is giving off strong Studio Ghibli vibes, specifically Kiki’s Delivery Service.

In this adventure RPG, you take control of a farming witch who is tasked with getting rid of something called the miasma that is destroying the farmland. It’s up to the main character to grow crops and channel her magic in the hopes of restoring the world to prosperity.

I currently have this on my Xbox, waiting for a time where I can cozy up on the sofa and play it. I suggest if you like farming games, witches and you own Gamepass to do this too!


These are my just five cozy games you can play on Gamepass right now. If you want to more cozy game recommendations, why not check my previous months that is just full of suggestions! Better yet, why not sign up to my website, here I post cozy gaming content every week, inclusing cozy games on gamepass every. single. month!


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