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Camper Van: Make it Home. Up and Coming Cozy Game

up and coming cozy games

‘Create the perfect cozy home- with handbrakes!'

Despite this game having no release date as of yet, with no full game trailers or review footage to demonstrate, I am nonetheless still very excited to talk about this title.

Camper Van: Make it Home, is an exciting, up and coming cozy game that has its origins on Kickstarter. It sees the player embark on a road of self discovery whilst decorating and making space within your camper van.

camper van make it home

The game is apparently packed with plenty of block oriented puzzles, locations to explore and even vehicles to upgrade to, and eventually decorate. Think Unpacking, but on a much smaller scale. In fact Camper Van: Make it Home credits Unpacking and Assemble with Care as core inspiration for the gameplay, which is clear to see.

camper van make it home cozy game

After completing Unpacking- twice. I have been yearning for more games like this and thankfully this small team from Spain have kindly offered to fill the void. Personally Camper Van: Make it Home, speaks to my nomadic heart, as someone who has gypsy heritage and who was brought up and around trailers throughout her life, this really speaks to me.

Eventually, I want my first home purchase to be one of wheels, so this game is already motivating me to keep saving to make that dream a reality for when I come to retire.

At the moment the game is set to release on Steam, mobile devices and more recently the switch, so there will be a few platforms as to which to play it on. Again, there is currently no release date, but I do check out the kickstarter page regularly, so once there is more information posted, I will let you know!

Now let's move onto the more NEGATIVE side of this kickstarter...

As I briefly touched upon, I have gypsy heritage. My paternal grandparents use to travel and live in trailers a very long time ago and it's a practice that unfortunately died our family, along with many other traditions that I have been spoonfed as a child. Which is a shame.

I'm not someone who goes around bragging 'look at me, I'm a gypsy' and pretend to be still ingrained with the culture and community, because I'm not, however I do get annoyed when people dismiss my heritage or scoff at it, as it genuinely feels like a sign of disrespect at the struggles my previous generations have gone through- which brings me onto my point.

Basically I detest the van life culture and hate the fact that literally NO ONE talks about the fact that it is cultural appropriation towards gypsy and traveller culture. You know, people who have constantly been persecuted for their way of life, even to this day and yet still don't have a voice. No. Instead, you have people dressing up like them or making bank off of van life culture like it's this new, modern age trend!

It irritates me. What about my family, who basically were constantly moved on, split up. Had their caravans taken away by law enforcement because no one would respect or try to accomodate to their way of life?!

(i should probably add that I don't take issue with those living in caravans, trailers etc if they're homeless or struggling to live with these ridiculous rent prices- because I understand).

So I just hope that the creaters of Camper Van will at least either adopt the story to remark on this or donate to charities that help the gypsy community.


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