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Best Stardew Valley Gifts for Fans

Let's face it Stardew Valley is pretty much one of the poster children of cozy gaming. and it's clear to see why. It's calm, relaxing gameplay enables players to live out their farming fantasty in a warming community that embraces them! Who doesn't want that?!

Like many cozy gamers, I have sunk so many hours into my numerous farms, obsessively thinking about its layout and how I can make it look. I'm sure many of you know someone out there, who is always talking about their ancient seeds or getting enthuased for the night market in the winter months and if there birthday is coming up soon, here are some gift ideas for the friend who ADORES Stardew Valley.

Green Junimo Plushie
best stardew valley gifts for fans uk

Who doesn't love these cute little Junimo's? Just like the huge plushie in the game, this replica is perfect for any Stardew Valley fan looking to add a piece of Pelican Town to their lives. This 22cm stuffed toy can be purchased for under £20, making it the perfect budget friendly gift for you or your farm-obsessed friend!

Stardew Valley Themed Birthday Decorations
best stardew valley gifts for fans uk

Okay. So you're throwing a party, why not throw a Stardew Valley themed one?! Get your guests to dress up as one of the characters, decorate your space with these cute ballons and banners and offer them some amazing cupcakes decorated with these themed toppers. Not going to lie, I'm already planning mine!

Insulated Stardew Valley Travel Mug
best stardew valley gifts for fans uk

A bit more of an expensive gift idea, but if you have the disposable income or have saved up to gift something really special to a Stardew Valley friend, then why not consider investing in a travel mug for them?! As it's insulated, their hot drink of choice will remain hot for a prolonged period of time. Perfect if they're always commuting or travelling alot!

Stardew Valley Board Game
stardew valley board game uk

If you fancy a night away from electronics but still want to have a video game themed night, why no invest in this Stardew Valley Board Game? Officially made with ConcernedApe, this board game seemingly centres around friendship and farming in a co-operative manner. Not like Monopoly that can end friendships!

Stardew Valley Decorative Pillowcase
stardew valley gift ideas for fans

If you have some cushions on your sofa that may need some decorative flair, then perhaps invest some in a few pillowcases. Available in various sizes, these cases can certainly liven up any space with a clear overview of Stardew Valley's layout! Perfect for any fan's bedroom or sofa!

Stardew Valley Complete Guide
stardew valley gift guide for fans

For the Stardew Valley fan who is a bit of a completionist or who probably wants to utilise the best out of their farm, buying this paperback guide is a good investment! For just under £10, you can have access to tips and tricks to getting the most out of the game! Perfect if you're struggling to get to the bottom of the skull cavern!

Stardew Valley Cook Book
stardew valley recipes real life

If you or your Stardew Valley obsessed friend is also a fan of cooking, then perhaps consider gifting this perfectly themed cook book. Available through Amazon, this book is full of tasty recipes from the actual game, allowing you to cook up a storm in the kitchen! Let's just hope bug meat is actually required for the survival burger!

Stardew Valley Colouring Book

I think plenty of cozy gamers will appreciate this gift! For the Stardew valley fan who wants something calm and relaxing to do, then investing in this colouring book and some colouriing utenstils (crayons, pencils, pens etc) is a good idea! I will be making a blog post later on next month about cozy gaming activities that gamers will appreciate, so keep your eyes peels for that!


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