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Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Nintendo Switch games for Kids

The Nintendo Switch is a brillant piece of hardware that is perfect for all ages- especially children. Not only do Nintendo have a well deserved family friendly image but the parental controls is perfect for protecting children against accessing anything unsavory.

In the past, I've been asked by a few parents as to what games I would personally recommend for their child. Usually it's because the parent doesn't really play video games themselves and that their child has recently gotten into the hobby.

Obviously my list would change from parent to parent based on their child's age and the console that they've got but this is a genral list I've put together as a guideline for those looking to buy Nintendo Switch games for their younger children.

All of these should be suitable for young kids as they don't contain swearing, gore, violence, sexual content etc however please ensure that you also look into the ESRB and PEGI ratings before committing to a purchase.


Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids.

Starting off this list, New Pokemon Snap is a rail-shooter in which you're tasked with taking pictures of various Pokemon in the wild. It's relaxing and not too hard to grasp which makes this so ideal for young children. There's literal zero battling or conflict in regards to the gameplay and the visuals are so striking.

Obviously, any Pokemon game from Pearl/ Diamond to Sword/Shield could be considered aswell however I personally feel that Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee is a little more easier to grasp as the difficulty curve is genuinely more child friendly (in my opinion). A reimagining of the Gameboy classic, it combines similar gameplay mechanics to Pokemon Go! Best thing is, you can even help out as the game supports co-op.

This is argubly one of the best racing games for the switch. There are multiple difficulty settings aswell as aids that can help the player navigate the track, making it ideal for a younger audience. The tracks themselves are fun, lighthearted and enjoyable to say the least with the best part being that more are currently being added.

If you want something that doesn't include Nintendo's red plumber then two other racing recommendations would be Team Sonic Racing or Crash Team Racing. Both are still good editions in the genre.

In this game, Mario's green pal embarks on a very enjoyable, lighthearted adventure.

The game's overall aesthetic is very 'DIY'-esque, where every level is made up with craft materials like yarn, cardboard and paper. It's the perfect introduction to platformers as the difficulty isn't too hard to grasp but there is still a challenge when it comes to getting all the collectables.

Almost like the previous entry, Yoshi's crafted world is a perfect introduction to platformers.

The gameplay and controls are very easy to grasp with the level designs not only looking so striking but are fairly challenging but there is also the option to actually scale down the difficulty further with the Spring-Breeze mode too! Kirby is such an awesome and wholesome character, that is so amazing that he's got a new and exciting adventure.

How can I not recommend a title from Nintendo's own mascot?

Probably one of the more challenging games on this list but Mario Odyssey is a stunning 3D platformer in which Mario needs to save Princess Peach from Bowser. Every level is open ended with plenty of opportunities to explore stunning locations, interact with interesting characters and part-take in many fun mini games and platfirming segments.

A more sedate puzzle platformer, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker sees the player take control of another Mario side character in which you explore bite-sized levels from an isometric view.

There is no jumping involved, instead the game is more about exploring the levels, solving the piuzzles and collecting gems to progress.

In this laid-back life simulation, Animal Crossing allows the player to create a cute character and take control of a deserted island full of adorable animals that you can interact with.

There is no real challenge in this game; no platforming, no racing, no collectables needed to progress. Infact progression happens at the players pace and gives them full control of how the island can look and even who lives there. This game is perfect for kids who don't want the stresses of losing and want something to cozy up and relax to. I also feel that it can open them up to be more creative.


So that's my list of Nintendo Switch games that I would recommenf for kids. Obviously as mentioned earlier, please check out the raitings into the games before you choose but as Nintendo is a wholesome, family friendly company, it's safe to say that you have a wide selection to choose from.



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