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Best Cozy Games on Steam

Want some suggestions on the Best Cozy Games on Steam? Then I got you covered with this handy list. 

best cozy games on steam

As cozy gamers are investing more into their cozy gaming setups, it makes sense that Steam becomes a one of the main dedicated storefront for your cozy games. Not only does Steam have plenty of known titles that cozy gamers can enjoy, but there are many smaller, lesser known games to experience on steam. 

Here on, I’ve put together a varied list of the Best Cozy Games on Steam for you to have a look at. Hopefully some will even be on your wishlists too! :) 

Best Cozy Games on Steam 


Mail Time 

cozy games steam

First on my list of the Best Cozy Games on Steam is Mail Time. In this adorable cozy game, you take control of a newly trained mail scout who must deliver letters and packages across the whole of Grumblewood Grove.

It screams cozy, cottagecore vibes with its very stylised graphics and fun, explorative gameplay, which I know many cozy gamers would love to play from the comfort of their nature themed cozy gaming desks. 

The Last Campfire 

cozy games on steam

Probably one of my favourite cozy games on Steam, The Last Campfire is a puzzle game where the player takes control of a soul named Ember, who has to solve various environmental puzzles to help other forlorn souls who have lost hope to help find their purpose again. 

The game makes you feel utterly alone in your environment, as you get to explore plenty of mystical locations. I highly recommend picking up The Last Campfire, as it’s a fantastic, story driven game that everyone should play at least once. 

Assemble with Care 

cozy steam games

Assemble with Care is one of the Best Cozy Games on Steam (in my opinion). In this simple, cozy game you play as an antique restorer called Maria as she decides to take a vacation in the sun-soaked town of Bellariva. It is here she meets plenty of the locals and helps fix their many beloved gadgets and belongings. 

The game is part story book, part cozy puzzle game, where the lack of cutscenes is made up by the superior voice acting and above all, relaxing gameplay- although I will admit, I almost rage quit trying to fix a projector, but that is a story for another day! 

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure                     

cozy games on steam

Now I must admit, I was fifty-fifty on this game when it came with my Humble Bumble, however it has since become another one of my favourite cozy games, which is why I’m including it on this list of Best Cozy Games on Steam. 

In this cute, cozy game, you essentially have to save the wildlife of this small island, by picking up litter and improving the general health of the island to help the native animals thrive once more. The game even has a photography segment where you get to snap pictures of the wildlife and learn about it. 

Final Fantasy XIV: Online

steam cozy games

When we think of cozy gaming, we’re not instantly drawn to games like Final Fantasy, however Final Fantasy XIV: Online is an underestimated cozy game that just gives you that feel good serotonin. 

In a similar vein to World of Warcraft, it’s an MMORPG, where you can either explore this expansive online world alone or with others (only if you want to), doing relaxing, fun side quests or tackling the captivating story. The world is truly magical and beautiful to be in, and as someone who HATES playing online with others, I can confirm that no one really bothers you! 

Witchy Life Story 

cozy games on steam list

I know that this was recently launched on the Nintendo Switch, I still thought that it was worth including on this list of Best Cozy Games on Steam, as it’s typically cheaper on PC. After all, I am a cozy gamer on a budget. 

In this cozy game, you play as the town’s village witch, where you have to tend to your garden and use your crops to create potions that help out the villagers of Flora. It’s somewhat of a mix of visual novel, mixed with partial farming and cooking mechanics. What’s not to love? 

Bear and Breakfast 

cozy games on steam hercozygaming

I’m sure that Bear and Breakfast is on a lot of Best Cozy Games on Steam lists and for good reason. It’s a laid back, cozy adventure game where you play as a well meaning bear who is trying to run a bed and breakfast in the middle of the woods. 

Here you get to personalise your own inn, invite guests into your B&B to stay, so that you can keep them entertained and earn money, whilst also setting out to complete many story quests. Do you think that this is one of the Best Cozy Games on Steam?

Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle 

best cozy games on steam

A bit of an unknown gem, but Nina Aquila: Legal Eagle was one of those games that really made me appreciate small indie games and made me overhaul my retro gaming content altogether. 

It’s a cozy, indie game that is very similar to Phoenix Wright, where you play as lawyer Nina, who must investigate crime scenes and defend her innocent clients. The game is soaked in anime references and Japanese culture which I am sure plenty of my readers would appreciate. 

Lemon Cake 

cozy games on steam that you need to play

I know that I seem to mention Lemon Cake in many of my cozy gaming lists, but I really do think that it’s one of the Best Cozy Games on Steam. 

It’s a relaxing cafe management sim, where you play as the boss of a run down bakery and must grow your ingredients, bake delicious sweet treats and tend to your customers. The gameplay is repetitive but laid back and relaxing, meaning that you’d be hooked for hours on end. 

Here Comes Niko 

list cozy games on steam

If you’re looking for a cozy adventure game that somewhat reminds you of Paper Mario, then look no further than Here Comes Niko. 

In this colourful, stylish game, you play as Niko who is hired by a frog to become a professional friend- (yes really), and it’s here that you travel across the island, catching fish, snagging bugs, solving puzzles and even play some volleyball. It’s a game that will literally take you on the most relaxed, laid back adventure of your life. Do you think that this is one of the Best Cozy Games on Steam?


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