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8 Summer Themed Video Games

Kick off your summer by grabbing a refreshing drink, maybe an ice cream and settle down with one of these 8 Summer Themed Video Games.

summer themed video games

Summer is finally here (sort of), which can only mean one thing… video games. Yes, not just reserved for the colder months, video games can be enjoyed all year round. Rain or shine.

As an introverted- extrovert, I frustrate myself. I love to go out and explore, especially during the summer months, however I despise being baked by the sun and really hate crowded places. Do you see the problem here?

So just to experience the hotter months, I like to get lost in a variety of summer themed video games.

8 Summer Themed Video Games

Super Mario Sunshine
summer video games

This game literally screams summer, it even has ‘sunshine’ in the name! Originally released on the Gamecube in 2002, this game sees Mario cleaning up the mess of an idyllic resort known as Isle Deflino and it’s your typical 3D Mario platformer that sees a lot of fun challenges.

The graphics are so crisp and clear, even twenty years on, so much so that you can feel the sand beneath your toes and the cold, refreshing sea water against your skin. Super Mario Sunshine really takes you on holiday to this idyllic island, for just a small sum of money and no waiting around at the airport.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
games to play over the summer

Although Animal Crossing: New Leaf technically is a simulation game that caters to all of the seasons, I am putting it on this list for purely sentimental reasons. Let me explain! Released for the 3DS in June 2013, a particularly HOT June at that, this game was my go-to summer game, as I refused to put it down.

As mentioned, although this game caters to all the seasons, the summer is particularly thriving. The music just lends itself to this hot season, with the sound effects of the sizzling sun and chirping bugs really taking you to the countryside. Despite New Horizons coming out recently, I would still opt for this as the go-to summer themed video game, as you can easily transport this to the beach or park with you.

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The Sims 3: Island Paradise
video games for summer

Technically The SIms 4: Island Living can be classed as the perfect summer themed video game too, however I just feel like The Sims 3: Island Paradise just had a lot more to offer gamers.

In this expansion pack simmers get to explore the gorgeous Isle Paradiso where sun, sea and sand is at the forefront of this gorgeous expansion. You have the choice to live over the sea, on a beach or be an ocean nomad in your house boat, traversing the open sea as you explore many of the summery activities that this island has to offer, such as; sunbathing, jet skiing and even scuba diving.

The Sims 3: Island Paradise is perfect for gamers who want to get away from home this summer but don’t have the funds to do so.

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Vacation Simulator
games to play summer themed

If you have a VR headset, why not consider downloading Vacation Simulator and discover the actual meaning of vacation in this interactive simulation game. As it is a VR game, you really do get sucked into your surroundings, even though you know it’s not real - it’s insane.

In this game you take part in many vacation activities that are meant to relax you, such as cooking burgers, playing basketball and painting. It’s like taking a very bizarre, trippy holiday without actually having to leave your home. I will add however, that this game might not be for everyone due to the possible motion sickness some users can get with VR- myself included.

Pokemon Sun/ Moon
summer themed video games

Released in 2017 on the 3DS, Pokemon Sun/ Moon is a stunning addition to the franchise, as it takes you to the Alola region, which is heavily inspired by Hawaii. Just like any other game in the series, you capture Pokemon and battle them against other trainers, Pokemon and much more.

Boasting immersive 3D graphics, you can really explore the laid back location and get up close and personal to your favourites. Complete with a day to night feature that is based on your handheld’s internal clock, Pokemon Sun/ Moon isn’t just an under-appreciated Summer Themed Video Game but it’s also a very undervalued title in the series. For more Pokemon related content, why not consider checking out my other blog.

Beyond Blue
video games summer themed

Unlike the other Summer Themed Video Games on this list where you get to explore stunning beaches and remote, tropical islands, Beyond Blue takes the player into the deep blue depths of the ocean floor. In this single player narrative game, you play as a diver called Mirai who leads a research team that investigates ocean life.

Heavily inspired by BBC’s Blue Planet 2 documentary,the wild life in this game seems so lifelike and real, that you almost feel like you’re the one exploring the deep sea. Honestly, I was blown away at how the sharks behaved in this game, it’s so impressive.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
summer themed video games

I was apprehensive about including Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball on this list, as it’s a game that is clearly aimed at the male audience at the expense of the over sexualisation of the female characters of the DOA franchise, however, it is technically a Summer Themed Video Game, so I’ll allow it.

In this ‘sports’ game, the characters are whisked off onto a deserted island resort to relax. It is up to the player to bond with many AI characters, by playing games alongside them such as volleyball and gifting them items that they would like. Think Stardew Valley, but lacking a farm and you’re all in bikinis!

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
8 summer themed video games

Not inherently a Summer Themed Video Game, however as the majority of Wind Waker takes place traversing across the open ocean, I thought that this game should be included on this list. Initially released for the Gamecube in 2002, this game sees Link explore the Great Sea, trying to stop Ganon from gaining the Triforce and harnessing its power.

Instead of the realistic style that the series is typically known for, the Wind Waker opts for a more child friendly approach with cell shaded graphics and a more cartoony art style, that I personally feel has held up even twenty years later. If you’ve completed Tears of the Kingdom or want a Summer Themed Video Game that isn’t your stereotypical sand and sea, then I would consider getting your hands on this game.

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That’s my list for 8 Summer Themed Video Games.

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