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6 Best Cozy Games Like Pokemon

Need an alternative to one of Nintendo’s infamous franchises? Then look no further than this blog post, as I give you some of the Best Games Like Pokemon. 

best games like pokemon

If you’re as old as me, you probably remember being introduced to Pokemon through one of three ways- through the anime (we all know the theme song!), the trading card game that was banned in most schools across the UK and of course, the Gameboy games! And since its initial release in the early 90’s, it’s still going strong.

However, as much as I personally love the series, I was highly disappointed in the buggy mess that was Pokemon Scarlet/ Violet and Nintendo’s lack of care to fix those issues. Many of us were disappointed, and wanted a game like Pokemon. 

And while there have been many indie games released that tried to capture that appeal and magic that Pokemon has on us, only a select few cozy games really succeed, so here is a list of the Best Games Like Pokemon.  

Best Games Like Pokemon 



palworld copys pokemon

It’s basically Pokemon with guns! Of course, it’s hard to ignore how similar Palworld is to Pokemon, and the impact that it’s already had on the gaming community- and we’re still only two months into 2024! Although there is no denying that there are blatant Pokemon references in the creature’s designs, the gameplay of Palworld is quite different. 

It’s like Pokemon, meets Breath of the Wild, where you establish a camp, and capture many of these creatures around the world, who will then help you fight battles with other enemies and creatures, as well as help around your base. Despite some annoying bugs, it’s a highly addictive and enjoyable game, and is certainly one of the best games like Pokemon that you should try.


games like pokemon list

Although Youtubers are trying to create clickbait videos claiming that this game is ‘dead’- ignore them. TemTem is still worth your time in 2024. A game like Pokemon, TemTem is a multiplayer, creature-collecting adventure game. Here, you and many other players embark on an adventure, Pokemon style, collecting creatures and battling other opponents along the way. 

Unlike Palworld, TemTem shows that it was inspired by Pokemon, however has managed to create its own stand alone game, with a combat system that is quite similar but different all at the same time. It’s very stylistic and the world itself is beautiful to explore, either alone or with a friend.  

Cassette Beasts 

games similato pokemon

Cassette Beasts is yet another game like Pokemon. Released in 2023, it’s a role playing game which follows the player as they transform into monsters using a cassette player. Although the game is said to be inspired by the Pokemon series, the gameplay is very complex and unique, granting it favourable reviews amongst critics. 

If you’re a fan of older Pokemon games, like Pokemon Emerald, or even Pokemon Black/ White, you will probably love Cassette Beasts as it is very akin to that style of graphics, and will certainly take you on a nostalgia trip. All in all, if you’re looking for a game like Pokemon, maybe one that is a little more challenging, then I highly recommend Cassette Beasts! 


cozy games similar to pokemon

Quoted as a relaxing but deeply weird farming game, Ooblets is a game like Pokemon in a way you probably wouldn’t typically expect. The gameplay goes a lot deeper than simply collecting many different monsters, and getting them to battle it out, instead the game has the player manage their farm, grow and train their Ooblets, explore strange lands and have a dance off! No, seriously! 

Yes, unlike Pokemon, Ooblets doesn’t have these adorable creatures fight, but instead lets them showcase their dance moves- which I think is adorable. Although the art style isn’t particularly my cup of tea, there is no denying that the various Ooblets are so adorable to look at. Do you think Ooblets is a game like Pokemon?


games like pokemon

Here is yet another game like Pokemon that I recommend, Coromon! I mean, it even has ‘mon in the name! Okay, maybe I am getting ahead of myself here, but it’s certainly a game that I would recommend if you’re looking for a cozy game like Pokemon. 

Released in 2022, it’s a role playing, adventure game where you explore six different biomes, solving puzzles and battling in turn based combat with other creatures around the world. There is no denying that Coromon is almost a carbon copy of Pokemon, through its graphical art style that is very reminiscent of older GBA games and its battling system, however I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a game like Pokemon. 

A great thing is that this game is available not only on the Nintendo Switch and Steam, but also on Android devices too, meaning that you can take this game with you on the go! 

Monster Sanctuary

games that are like pokemon

With a name like Monster Sanctuary, you either assume that it’s going to be a game like Monster Hunter, or like Pokemon. Fortunately, it’s the latter. Unlike the other games on this list, Monster Sanctuary isn’t a straight up carbon copy of the Pokemon franchise, instead it’s a Metroidvania like exploration game with a turn based battling system. 

In this game, not only do you explore this pixelated 2D world, and have to traverse its many obstacles like a pro, but you can also collect and train many monsters, and get them to help you battle. It’s certainly a unique game, so if you are looking for a game like Pokemon, but with a twist, then I highly recommend Monster Sanctuary. 


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