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Why Xbox GamePass is Great For Cozy Gaming

The Nintendo switch seems to be the poster child of cozy gaming, however, with the current cost of living crisis it’s never been more important to save on pennies! Here’s why an Xbox gamepass is vital to have for cozy gamers right now!


Here is why Xbox Game Pass is perfect for cozy gaming.

In this dreadful cost of living crisis where everything is skyrocketing and wages stagnating, splurging on luxuries is probably at the back of our minds. Which sucks, we work hard and never get to reap the rewards as often anymore. This statement runs even more true when it comes to gaming.

There have been so many amazing cozy games released this past year, however it’s financially impossible for most people to keep buying month to month. Myself included. I’m someone who has to plan and save up if I want to get a new game, sometimes several months sometimes, so just buying cozy games constantly wouldn’t be doable for me. Especially as I review games as a hobby.

I’m sure plenty of you can relate!

Xbox Game Pass Games
Image: Coffee Talk

Which is why I use Xbox Gamepass! For only £10.99*! Not only do I have access to a whole catalogue of games, including new releases, but plenty of cozy games too. Ultimately saving me so much money every month. Thanks to this subscription service, I get to enjoy plenty of cozy games, ultimately for free if you really look at it.

The only downside I would say is that once a game has been cycled out of the library, you will have to buy it. Even if it’s downloaded to your console, but usually it takes months for a game to be removed, sometimes years and they do give you plenty of warning before a game is gone!

Another possible downside is the upfront cost of perhaps buying a new console, if you don’t already have an xbox console, but an Xbox Series S isn’t as expensive as a PS5 and with all the benefits of having a whole catalogue of games from the offset when you purchase this sub, I think it’s a good gaming investment.

Conclusion: If you’re someone who has to live frugally but want to still experience many of the cozy games that are currently available right now, then I think saving up for an Xbox Series S and subbing to Xbox GamePass is probably the best solution.

*The subscription for £10.99 a month is for GamePass Ultimate. Discover cheaper plans here!

Cozy games Xbox Gamepass
Image: Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here is a list of amazing cozy gaming on Xbox GamePass right now!

  1. Stardew Valley

  2. Disney Dreamlight Valley

  3. Beacon Pines

  4. A Memoir Blue

  5. Coffee Talk

  6. Lapin

  7. Bugsnax

  8. Powerwash Simulator

  9. Little Witch in the woods

  10. Unpacking


If you want to know what new cozy games there are on Xbox GamePass, consider signing up to follow I release new cozy gaming blogs every Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm (UK time).


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